Thursday, August 27, 2015

Preparations Before A Casting And Shows

Hello everyone, just wanted to do this blog for those models like myself, who do not have the pleasure of a good gaming computer or a computer that does not handle lag good. Therefore, there are some little tricks of the trade you can do to help reduce the lag.

Why blog on lag?  Glad you asked.  Well, I had the unfortunate experience to really make myself look bad at the Models Workshop Uniform Challenge.  But I have no one to blame for this but myself.  Remember, the first thing about correcting a problem is to admit you have one.

Now to talk a little about preparing before a casting and show.  First of you want make sure you clear your cache at least twenty four hours before the casting or show.  Make sure you have checked all your settings, lowered you graphics to low, arrived early enough to derender anything which might cause you to lag.  I go into my advanced settings to rendering types, then I proceed to remove check marks from anything there which might cause me to lag.  Once I arrive at the venue for the casting or show, I proceed to derender chairs, decorations, almost everything but the stage.  If I do this the day before the casting or show I'll place it all in my black list.  This way it stays there until you take it out.  Or if you early enough to do this before event, you can use the temporary derendering.

These options usually help me when doing castings and shows.  But yours truly was late getting there to the stage and failed to follow my own advice.  Needless to say, it was not a good walk, and the lag killed me dead in my tracks literally.  So take my advice to make sure you take precautions to do check everything before your castings and shows.  And always allow yourself time to get there to walk the runway, run through your poses, and have someone check you to make sure you not breaking prims.

I hope my mistake will help someone not to make the same mistake I made.  But as my aunt would say..."A bought lesson is better than no lesson at all".  Simply meaning, you learn from your mistakes, then help someone else not to make the same one.  ciao


Skirt: Brii Underground - Tiffany's Skirt

Cap: !Soul - Buttons Cap

Jacket: LG - Acid Queen Jacket 

Boots: Shey - Eve Stilettos w/hud

Stockings: Cannibelle - Plain Nylon Tights (Sheer)

Earrings: Ryca - Huggie Silver/black

Belt: ColdLogic - Combo Belt Clapp black

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