Saturday, August 22, 2015

Meet The Lady Behind The Blog

About Me

One of the things I enjoy about living in Second Life, is the opportunity to explore different lifestyles, visit different Sims, try new things I wouldn't dare to try in my real life, plus I've meet so many wonderful people in Second Life, some have become amazingly close friends, and others have come and gone.

Secondly, as most women in real and in the virtual world, shopping is defiantly one of my favorite past times. There are just so many wonderfully talented designers.  For which I'm very grateful to the designers whom have entrusted me to showcase their fabulous creations on my blog.  Without their creative minds working to bring their creations into Second Life, I wouldn't be able to express my creativity of styling and artistic version in showcasing their fabulous designs in my blog.

How My Career Began

When I first joined Second Life it was with the intent to check out this virtual world my trucker friend introduced me to spend time unwinding from a busy day of traffic and dealing with shippers and receivers.  Aside from meeting new people, hanging out and chatting, it wasn't long before I became addicted to the people who was showing me a totally new world. One evening a friend invited me to a fashion show at CWS Modeling School. As I watched the men and women on the runway posing it reminded me of my past career in the real modeling world.  After a few months of searching for the right school to attend.  I decided on Dallas Modeling Academy from which my career as a certified model began.

I'm a blogger/model, my own personal photographer, producer/show director and most recently accomplishment is principal of the same school my training as a model began.

If you enjoy my blogs then please be sure to like and follow me.  If you are a designer looking for blogger please contact me by email or by sending me a notecard inworld to Dollchild.  I'll be sure to get back with you as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Paris (Dollchild) Evermore

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