Sunday, October 18, 2015

Paradise Princess

Deep into the tropical forest was a young princess.
she loved the feel of fine linens against her skin.
She would send out her maidens to shop for beautiful gowns.

When her maidens had returned to her.  They bought this
lovely gown called Rosan by D2T Designs.

The princess tried on the gown feeling very pleased with the maidens choice.
Her lovely tube top gown with layers of ruffles surrounding the bottom of her
gown.  Comes five sizes with a color changing hud.

No princess could go without her crown jewels.  Her maidens were very 
thoughtful of the princess and bought to her this beautiful jeweled set called 
Autumn Lust.

The princess allowed the maidens to place the crown and jewels onto her.  The princess just had to know from where did such a wonderful set come from.  The head maiden
bowed before the princess saying..."My princess, the jewels have come from Zuri Rayna"

As the princess looked at herself in the mirror, she smiled and said,
"What a beautiful Princess I am"


Gown: D2T Designs - Rosan

Jewelry: Zuri Rayna - Autumn Lust Set

Hair: Bliss - Sierra 

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