Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Models Worse Nightmare

Picture this in your mind all models, you have styled your outfits for show, everything is perfect so far, you get to the stage run through your outfit's change and poses, and you think kool now I'm ready.  Then without any warning ahead of time your Internet provider decides that today of all days they going to work on the Internet lines in your area.  It as a nightmare for me.  However, in honor of Mandy Bosshart, I'm dedicating this blog to her.  She is a wonderful designer and I know she worked hard on the outfits for the show today.  Therefore, in my blog today is a mini fashion show featuring the outfits styled by yours truly for D2T Couture.  Hope you will enjoy viewing the outfits as much as I enjoyed the opportunity to style them.  So here we go....

Please welcome Paris Evermore to the stage wearing "Bad Romance

A beautifully done white body suit, face mask and boots go with this outfit.  Oh wow, and there was this cute little walk to go with it too.
Don't you just love those eyes, and the punk rocking hair style, and less not forget the sparkling spares.  Ahh yes, next was the adorable little dress that was named right.  Paparazzi is just as cute as it can be in black and white strips with cute red bows and white lace over flared mini skirt.  You already know Paris was going to rock this little number...

Wearing a Mohawk hair style, sunglasses, her ear wrap wing earrings, mmmm, sporting a nice neat fade, and spiked silver collar....wonder if she has a master, lol.  Moving a long

Last but not least, Edge of Glory, little black dress with small ruffles at the top of the dress and along the bottom.  A slim waistline and the boots are just right on time Paris, rock it girl.

Paris added a black collar with silver spikes, lip ring, a sexy little hair bob in white and red to play up her hazel eyes.  Thank you Paris.....

Thank for the opportunity to share my little fashion show with you.  All outfits shown today in my fashion show can be found at Mandy Bosshart's D2T Couture.

Outfits: Mandy Bosshart - Bad Romance, Paparazzi, and Edge of Glory
Hair: Tukinowaguma - Bruce and Divine C
Hair: Truth - Harriet
Jewelry: Glint Jewelry & Accessories - Lip ring, spikes and studs
Bowtique - Spiked Collar
Eyes:[NeurolaB Inc] - Hybrid Eyes Ex4 w/hud
Sunglasses: Kalnins - Crystal
Tattoos: Dream Ink Designs
Hand Particles: Color Alchemists
Gloves: Nomiki's Creation - Stitches Glove Set

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