Saturday, August 16, 2014


     Oh my, it's getting late, stayed to long at the party, now time to walk home.  Three o'clock in the morning is not the time for anyone to be out walking alone on the streets of Chicago.  A few cars are parked next to the curve, probably belonging  to some of the party people still dancing, drinking, and telling jokes.  Most of them don't have a cue what time it is.  This the one way to home, I'm tired, but I'm looking good in SAS - SavanLuna in Red.  A must have for your closet, never know when you might need a good party dress.

Dress: SAS - SavanLuna Red

Makeup:Noya - Make Ups Part2

Hair: Vanity - Siena

Skin !Soul - Boho 3 Bronze

Clutch: Lamu fashion - Elegant Red

Jewelry: Whims - Affinity Set

Shoes: Dirty Princess - Naughty Couture

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