Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Confident in your own skin

Being a confident woman is the belief in your own ability to control her own personal and business life.  Where there is confidence, there is assurance.  Too often some women allow themselves to be labeled by others.  One can not live life walking in the shadows of what someone else wants for you.

So take control of who you are as a woman, then let go and live.

Summer Blouse and Stripey Linen Jeans by Ghee is at Designer Showcase.  You still have time to get this comfortable casual outfit.

Designer Showcase always starts on the 1st of each month until the 30th.


Top: Ghee Summer Blouse
Pants: SS17 Stripey Linen Jeans

Event: Designer Showcase

Bracelet: Luminesse - Mirello Bohem Silver Bracelet

Necklace: Tantalum Locked Love

Hair: Lovely ButterFly99
Not Available

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