Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Worry only when people stop talking about you...

Hello everyone,

I ran across an interesting letter from a pass friend while cleaning out my inventory.  The letter went on to say somethings that were entirely untrue, but yet it was believed.  At first I wanted to cry, then I wanted to write a not so pleasant letter back, but after reading the letter something my grandmother use to always say came to mind, and I quote her, "Worry about what people say only when they stop talking about you".  She went on to say, "Because when people talk about you apparently you must mean something to them, or their jealous of you, or what you have".    So instead of taking time out of my busy schedule to reply, I guess you know it went into my trash.

How do you respond to negative conversation about you or a family member in your life.  Do you take the time to do the same to them, or like me, you throw it in the trash?

Speaking of being talked about brings me to this hot jumpsuit newly released by Chic Princess called Milena.  Milena is a sexy jumpsuit with a changable hud baring different messages.  I love the sexy tight jumpsuit it can worn to any casual events or day of shopping.  Twenty textures to mix and match your jumpsuit.


Jumpsuit: Chic Princess - MILENA Tight Jumpsuit

Hair: Tableau Vivant - Wrap up

Handbag: LEGENDAIRE - Penny Bag

Jewelry: Moondance Boutique - Kimberly

Shades: Ghee - Hipster17 Shades w/Hud

Shoes: SHEY - Lexicilous


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