Friday, March 31, 2017

Introducing A New Designer

Hello all,

I met a really nice designer a few days ago while role playing the Life2 game.  We talked about promoting their designs so people will be aware of their creations.  The first design is called Pink Bubbles.  Available in standard and mesh sizes with shoes included in package.  Check out Silver Dragon marketplace for cute dress Pink Bubble.

I remember when I first moved to the virtual world of Second Life going dancing at Frank's Place.  The look of flowing fabric moving with each step just made me feel like a storybook princess.  For those ladies who love the flow of the flex gowns, then you will love Peacock.  Peacock has lovely black lace jacket, gloves and shoes included in the package.


Dress: Silver Dragon - Pink Bubbles W/shoes

Hair: EMO-tions - AIDAN

Necklace: Baubles! by Phe - MoonFeather

Pet: JIAN - Chocolate Held Pup

Location: PSY CITY


Gown: Silver Dragon - Peacock Ballroom W/Shoes

Hair: Amacci Hair - Isla

Jewelry: Luminesse - Emma Roise Aine

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