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Introducing A New Designer

Hello all,

I met a really nice designer a few days ago while role playing the Life2 game.  We talked about promoting their designs so people will be aware of their creations.  The first design is called Pink Bubbles.  Available in standard and mesh sizes with shoes included in package.  Check out Silver Dragon marketplace for cute dress Pink Bubble.

I remember when I first moved to the virtual world of Second Life going dancing at Frank's Place.  The look of flowing fabric moving with each step just made me feel like a storybook princess.  For those ladies who love the flow of the flex gowns, then you will love Peacock.  Peacock has lovely black lace jacket, gloves and shoes included in the package.

Dress: Silver Dragon - Pink Bubbles W/shoes
Hair: EMO-tions - AIDAN
Necklace: Baubles! by Phe - MoonFeather
Pet: JIAN - Chocolate Held Pup
Location: PSY CITY

Gown: Silver Dragon - Peacock Ballroom W/Shoes
Hair: Amacci Hair - Isla
Jewelry: Luminesse - Emma Roise Aine …

We Wear Short Shorts

Are you ready to stock up on your spring wardrobe?  Then take advantage of this awesome hunt going at Ghee.  Ghee is celebrating the Spring with one of their famous hunts they are known for, by introducing the new rockabilly inspired hunt starting tonight at midnight.

I'm wearing the high waisted shorts in Berry with a revealing bandaue top in Sugar.  There are
33 items for women  hidden in ripe strawberries around the Ghee Main Store and grounds. Collect them all for a versatile mix and match wardrobe!

There are also 13 cupcakes, containing matching items from Baby Ghee, for kids to find! Bring your kids hunting with you and get a cuteness overdose with these sweet shorts, skirts, shoes and tops, with a cupcake bag, and glasses to match Moms!

Accessories with texture hud for mixing and matching your outfits you find.  Earrings, bangles, and mules are all hidden in and around the mainstore and grounds.  Each hunt item is priced at 10L.

You will find details of all the hunt items a…

Have you planned your vacation?

The next time your family ask you to take vacation with them, take it.  Spending quality time with family helps bring family bonding and self esteem in our children.  Family vacations builds long lasting life memories.

The design I'm showcasing today says it all for me.  Chic Princess's "In The Name of Love".  This sexy design come with texture hud and available in Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink Mesh sizing.

Grab this sexy design, take your family vacation and create memories.  "In The Name of Love".

Outfit: Chic Princess - In The Name of Love  
Hair: EMO-tions - AIDAN
Location: Sunset Beach

Ghee @ The Wash Sprintacious Cart Sale

In ten beautiful spring shades to pick. Gold, Graphite, Island, Navy, Pearl, Scarlet, Silver, Violet, Yarrow, and I'm wearing Leather & Net Mini in Sugar.

This sexy Leather & Net Mini by Ghee is on sale for 10L in standard, rigged and fitted mesh for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink Physique, Slink Hourglass, and TMP mesh bodies.

We can never have enough panties to wear and with this outfit you might not want to go without any.  Ghee's Essential Thongs are on sale at the Wash Sprintacious Cart Sale for just 50L.

Outfit: Ghee - Leather & Net Mini 
Event: The Wash Sprintacious Cart Sale
Hair: Truth Hair - Kora


Inspiration is the expression or action which motivate people to do something different.  Esmeralda is so inspirational to me.  I love the feminine appearance of Esmeralda.  Beautiful pastel colors with lovely detailing in the bodice and satin ribbon surrounding the waist then tired in a bow.

Marquesse exclusively designed this lovely dress for InspirationSL Event.  Complete outfit with matching shoes I love the detailing.  Once I put this dress on I felt like a ballerina.

Available in aqua (shown), Blue, Cream, Red, and yellow.  In sizes for classic, fitmesh, maitreya, and slink mesh shapes.

Dress & Shoes: Marquesse - Esmeralda

Event: InspirationSL Event

Hair: Puft - Tempo
Jewelry: Lazuri - Shahy Blue


There are some great event's heating up this warm season.  Marquesse is participating in the in the 2017 Spoonful of Sugar.  The Spoonful of Sugar runs from March 18th - April 1, 2017.  This event goes to benefit: Medecins Sans Frontieres Doctors without Borders.

Marquesse has their exclusive design "Lena" in the Spoonful of Sugar Event.  Thigh length cardigan with a decorative top worn over belted skinny jeans.  Available in Standard, Belleza, eBody, Fitmesh, Maitreya,TMP, Slink and Tonic sizing.

Lena is complete with flat shoes to match.  I'm a big fan of complete outfits.  There are more options for styling.  Marquesse has something for everyone.

Complete Outfit: Marquesse - Lena
Event: Spoonful Of Sugar
Hair: EMO-tions - AIDAN
Jewelry: MG - Ritzy Shimmer Pearls

Worry only when people stop talking about you...

Hello everyone,

I ran across an interesting letter from a pass friend while cleaning out my inventory.  The letter went on to say somethings that were entirely untrue, but yet it was believed.  At first I wanted to cry, then I wanted to write a not so pleasant letter back, but after reading the letter something my grandmother use to always say came to mind, and I quote her, "Worry about what people say only when they stop talking about you".  She went on to say, "Because when people talk about you apparently you must mean something to them, or their jealous of you, or what you have".    So instead of taking time out of my busy schedule to reply, I guess you know it went into my trash.

How do you respond to negative conversation about you or a family member in your life.  Do you take the time to do the same to them, or like me, you throw it in the trash?

Speaking of being talked about brings me to this hot jumpsuit newly released by Chic Princess called Milena.  Mil…

Give out what you want most to get back..

Hello everyone,
Today I'm showcasing a new release from Embertic's Fashion Designs, item from Designer Showcase and Ultra Event.  The first is Batrice Pencil Dress with texture changing hud.  Ten awesome texture designs giving you a different look everyday of the week.  Standard, fitmesh, Belleza, eBody, Maitreya, and Slink sizes.

Then is /Wasabi Pills Patty Mesh Hair an exclusive at the Ultra Event.  Patty has a texture hud for the accessory headband.  I love the wispy band to the side and short shoulder length cut.  I'll be getting a lot of use from Patty this spring/summer.  Check out /Wasabi Pills at the Ultra Event which will be ending on March 31st.

Last but not least I'm showcasing these nice pumps by Lindy's Modern & Retro Shoes called Pixie.  Pixie is an exclusive item for Designer Showcase.  Pixie goes good with my outfit.  It's dressy detailing makes it a good choice for your office wear and church outfits.  You have a choice of five colors to …

Can't not seem to make up my mind..

Hello Ladies.

I'm back with another great deal you can find at Designer Showcase. While walking around the BOSL Sim today looking at all the great places to take photographs.  Beautiful parks, buildings and landscaping for you to pose.  

I came across the bakery with fresh bagels, muffins, and donuts.  My sweet tooth was begging for a taste of those fresh cooked pastries.  Mouth watering goodness waiting for me to sink my teeth into.  Picking my treat was as hard as choosing which one of the beautiful bell shaped dresses belted at the waistline by AnaMarkova's Marcella Dress.  

Marcella is this months exclusive for Designer Showcase.  One of the reasons for choosing Marcella to blog was the striking similarity to the vintage fifties area.  I have always loved vintage clothing and hairstyles too.  It come in seven yummy colors: Daisy, Onyx Dots, Paisley, Seashells, Strawberry, Teal and I'm wearing Orchids.  Available in standard and mesh sizing.
Dress: AnaMarkova

Livia Ensemble @ The Secret Affair

The Secret Affair Event has opened with a lot of exciting designs from Second Life's awesome designers.  You'll find everything from hair, furniture and of course sexy clothing for sale.  The theme is based on the movie "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus".

I purchased this sweet lingerie set from LA PERLA called Livia Ensemble.  Its complete with matching bra, panties, garter and thigh high stockings.  There are ten sexy textures in a fatpack, or you can purchase separately.  Appliers for Belleza, Maitreya and Omega Hud, sorry but only available for mesh bodies.
You can also purchase matching shoes by LA PERLA called Cinderela in textures to match your lingerie.
The Secret Affair Event will be open until March 31st, 2017.
Outfit: LA PERLA - Livia Ensemble
Event: The Secret Affair
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Cinderella wig

Hello everyone.
Hopefully this has been or is going to be a prosperous day for all.  There is a little bit of wildness in us all, especially once it come to playtime.  I'll not bore you or entice anyone with the details, smiles. 

Anyway, I'm wearing Untamed Leopard by Emerald Couture. I love the leopard print designs on sides of dress and belt. Also the fact it's a complete outfit with shoes to match.  Available in Standard, Maitreya, Slink Hourglass and Physique.

Chop Zuey has an amazing jewelry set as their exclusive design in the March Round of Designer Showcase called The Dark Dweller of Braj.  Large Black Cabochonne Fringe Necklace, Bracelets & Earrings completes this amazing set.  I paired this set with my outfit because to me it goes along with my theme of Untamed

Dress: Emerald Couture - Untamed Leopard
Jewelry: Chop Zuey - The Dark Dweller of Braj
Event: Designer Showcase
Hair: Analog Dog - Scream Cheese
Location: Oasis of Dreams

It happened on the way home..

We all have probably heard people say to use caution when walking  or traveling alone.  This is a short story about a woman I meet a few years ago while traveling cross country in the United States.

I'll refer to her as Jane Doe to protect her identity..  As our conversation continued she started to tell me of her terrifying experience on her way home.

She had been hanging out with friends at a local bar near her neighborhood.  Instead of taking a cab home she decided to walk through an alley way, which she had used before as a short cut, there under the darkness of night she was attacked.  Brutally beaten and raped then left in the alley.  This conversation came back to  me when a young lady was abducted in near my hometown.  Unfortunately, she was not as blessed to be left alive.

In honor of her today as I showcase Ghee's exclusive designs for March Round of Designer Showcase called Dora Dress and SS17 Strapped Wedges.   Remember to always be aware of your surroundings whe…

Time to get your sexy on...

Sexy is in the name of Emberotic's Fashion DesignsGet Your Sexy On.  Wow, net  top and risque pants with an open horizontal triangle down the length of the pants.  This outfit can be jazzed up for clubbing,  a hip hop concert, or if you bold wear with black or red chop top during the day.

Get Your Sexy On has fitmesh for Belleza sizes (Freya, Isis, & Venus) , Maitreya, Slink (Physique & Hourglass), and TMP sizes.  Newly released by Emberotic's Fashion Designs is now listed in the marketplace.  Take a look at the mainstore too, then Get Your Sexy On.

Well, I'm a big fan of Jewelry and I love to mix some of my elegant pieces with my casual outfits and party clothes.  Today, I'm wearing Moondance Boutique exclusive design for Designer Showcase for the March Round.  Bellisima is available in two sets with texture changing hud for gems, stones and metals.   Dress it up with your formal appeal or pair it with something chic and sexy.

Outfit: Emberotic's…

Who says it has to be boring to be casual?

Designer Showcase has started the March Round.  I enjoy dressing up, but this casual Brenna Top & Brenna Pants is I.M. Collection exclusive outfit for the March showcase.  The chop Top with long sleeves is available five textures in Black, Gold, Pink, Purple and Teal.  The pants have three textures in Faded Blue, Dark Blue and Classic Blue.

Shown on insert: (1) Black, (2) Gold, (3) Pink, (4) Purple, (5) Teal

(1) Faded Blue, (2) Dark Blue, (3) Classic Blue
Top: I.M. Collection - Brenna Top Pants: I.M. Collection - Brenna Pants
Event: Designer Showcase
Hair: Analog Dog - Mochi
Shoes: Shoe-ddiction - Snandal
Location: PSY City

Romantic occasions

Romantic evenings calls for special appeal.  Start your romantic evening with Marquesse's Romantic Gown.  I'm wearing the Blue gown with black lace on the bust.  Softly draped fabric gathered on the side attaching to long split.  

Available in three textures Blue, Green, and Red.  Standard sizes, Fitmesh, Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink Mesh body sizes.  At the mainstore now.

There is no secret women love shoes.  Shoe-ddiction have the right shoes for any occasion.  I'm wearing Donna a dressy sling back shoe with open cuts designed on top of shoes.  Visit Shoe-ddiction mainstore to see other colors for Donna.

Gown: Marquesse - Romantic Gown
Shoe: Shoe-ddiction - Donna
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Upshaw

Things are heating up...

The Spring & Summer is heating up with Chic Princess new release. In The Name Of Funny Love is defiantly heating up the scene with twenty one texture huds with steamy slogans written on them.

I'm complementing my style with Chic Princess Thigh High Boots called Worth It Laced up in the back with seventeen textures on hud.  Drop by Chic Princess for some awesome deals.

Chic Princess

Outfit: Chic Princess - IN THE NAME OF FUNNY LOVE Boots: Chic Princess - Worth It Laced High Boots
Hair: Sentinus Hair - Hazan Hair

Do you like bird watching?

My theme for this showcasing today has to do with nature.  Have you ever visited a natural park and noticed the many different types of animals there. Since the spring season approaching us now with birds singing, flowers blooming, it's a comforting peace.  So if you like bird watching then take a trip to the Naturalistik Lifestyle Birdz Aviary.
As I walked around the park with my binocular in hand, and dressed in Emerald Couture's new release at the mainstore called Hidi Hike Kale.  I love the purple and kale shorts that is belted at the waist.  Included in the package are complimenting hiking boots with socks.  Very comfortable for a nice a day of bird watching in the park.

Cute pockets in the front of the shorts with folded flap and bottom closure.  This way you won't even need to carry a purse.  So go check out the Emerald Couture to see their new releases, then visit the Naturalistik Lifestyle Birdz Aviary for a fun filled relaxing day.


Outfit: Emerald Cout…

DC Midtown Designs @ SWANK Spring Retreat

Hello everyone!
Today,  I'm showcasing one of DC Midtown Designs exclusively created for SWANK Spring Retreat.  Allow me to introduce you to R.C.R. Sequin Gown.  This elegant sleeveless gown can be worn with or without the flex skirt. A lovely shawl drape around the neck droops gracefully in the back.  Beautiful sequins are detailed in the gown showing off sparkles from the sequins with every more.  

Ladies take a look at R.C.R. Sequins matching shoes. Included with the gown are these gorgeous shoes in matching texture.  These shoes are as elegant and beautiful on the feet as the gown is hugging the body.

THE SWANK SPRING RETREAT Starts March 5, 2017 - March 31, 2017. Check out DC Midtown Designs R.C.R. Sequin Gown.

Gown: DC Midtown - R.C.R. Sequin W/Shoes
 Hair: Tableau Vivant - Upshaw - Sidebangs
 Earrings: Luminesse - Linza Rosa 

DC Midtown Designs

DC MIDTOWN DESIGNS creates a wide variety of products thanks to the mesh creators and available inworld mesh creating programs. DC MIDTOWN DESIGNS includes, "Apparel and clothing accessories, knickknacks, useful items, transferable items for gifts and more!
Join our Group!! Members get exclusive gifts and rare opportunities to participate in events.   Bloggers and Models needed  
copy/paste to local chat and then click the link. secondlife:///app/group/90fa3b55-2fcf-529c-35ea-04151c830eb3/about