Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Valentine's Day...Not Just For Us Girls...

All this week I've been thinking of how to surprise the man in my life for this yearly romantic day for most couples.  As I was driving home from work my attention was drawn to my neighbors rose garden.  She, of course has a green thumb, needless to say, I do not.  As I admired the beautiful rose garden with its mixture of reds, yellows and white roses, my idea came together in my head how I was going to surprise my man for Valentines Day.

Arriving home I quickly ran into the house, dropping my handbag and briefcase on my desk next to the door.  Immediately opening up my handbag ruffling through it for my cellphone to call the local florist.  I called putting in a order for their aromatic fragrant bagged rose petals.  He will not be expecting my sweet surprise tonight....

The florist's delivery person rang our doorbell, the sound of Beethoven's 5th rung out through the eggshell textured walls of the house.  I hurried to claim my fragrant surprise, paid our delivery person, then checked the ticking clock on the wall judging my timing to when his heavy footsteps come walking through the door.  With only a few minutes to spare to get my surprise ready, I sprinted into the bathroom in my tailor made design by Marguesse called "Sharon" turned on the water in our vintage clawfoot tub.  I hasten to arrange the pretty red rose petals in the tub, toss off my work clothes along with my new leopard print "Sophie" shoes by Shoe-ddiction, and last but not least, your girl is going to submerge herself in the rose petal tub of water with my glass of bubbly waiting for his footsteps to follow the rose petals.

What idea's do you have for your Valentine's surprise for the man in your life?  Leave your comment before, I'd love to read your ideas.


Skirt Set: Marquesse - Sharon

Event: Stuff Styles

Jewelry: Moondance - Aurora

Shoes: Shoe-ddiction - Sophie

Hair: EMO-tions - Viola

Location: Orchard Heights

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