Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Loft

Paris is wearing Macy Dress by Zanze at the January 2017 Round of Designer Showcase.  She received a message from her younger sister to meet her at this Loft apartment which she'd fallen in love with the view.

It is a beautiful view, Paris thought to herself, but she gets nose bleeds if she is up to high.  Her sister was dancing around the room laughing and decorating in my mind just where she would put everything.  My my, you are very excited about this place, and I might add that the Loft would be great for her, since she enjoys taking pictures too.

Paris told her sister she hated to be in a rush, but she is running late for a dinner date. If she was going to get though the evening traffic, then she needed to make her exit now. Because she didn't just get dressed up in this beautiful cocktail dress, heels and her nails polished for nothing.

Smiling inside, she hugged her younger sister, grabbed her wrap, and said her goodbye then exited the Loft.

The new year has come and so has the January Round of Designer Showcase 2017.  Pictured is Zanze/Macy Dress, KC/Fabiola Heels, and DMZ/Prescious Metals Nails.

Dress: ZE - Macy Dress
Mainstore: zanze

Shoes: KC - Fabiola Heels

Nails: DMZ - Prescious Metals

Hair: Tableau Vivant - Upshaw

Clutch: Bens Boutique - Venus Clutch Bag

Earrings: Lazuri - Euridice

Location: MyWay

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