Tuesday, January 24, 2017

About Me

Paris Dollchild Evermore was born into this virtual world of Second Life on October 20, 2011.  A friend introduced her Second Life to give her something to do while caring for an aging parent at home.   After creating her character, Paris first worked at a dance club as a way of making lindens to support herself.  Then one faithful day, she met a fashion model who changed Paris life.

The model invited her to a fashion show, being given by CWS Modeling Agency.  IT was then that Paris was absolutely amazed at the fabulous designs and the graceful walking of the models showcasing them.  Once the show was over Paris asked for more information on how she could become a model in Second Life.  She gave Paris a business card for Dallas Modeling Academy, told her to contact Suki Rexen.   She met with Suki Rexen, who was happy to help her get started on her career in modeling.  Paris enrolled in Dallas Modeling School, graduated and continues to model on runway, print modeling and blogger.

Paris enjoys styling outfits of different genres.  If you would like to contract Paris for blogging, please send her an email at parisevermore2011@gmail.com or Inworld to Dollchild

Currently blogging for:

  • Chic Princess - Modern Couture - Dope Designs
  • Designer Showcase
  • Emerald Couture
  • Ghee Main Store
  • Marquesse
  • ShoeDdict
Thank you to the wonderful talented designer, who have trusted me to blog there beautiful creations.  It's my enjoyment to create the desire.  

Famous Quote:
"People will stare. Make it worth their while." —Harry Winston

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