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Do You Like A Bad Girl

As he walks into their bedroom feeling tired from his long day at work, He stops just inside the door noticing the dim lighting in the room, he then raises his eyes taking in the soft silhouette of her tall curvy frame.  She turns to face him with a seductive look on her face..."Welcome home love, Do you like a bad girl"..were the whispering words flowing softly through her red painted lips.  His reply, "Ooh yes, I love my bad girl".
Ladies, allow yourself to be a "Bad Girl" for him.  Start with Chic Princess newly released "BAD GIRL".  Twelve beautiful textures on a hud for your pleasure.  Available in mesh sizes, Belleze (Freya, Isis, & Venus), Maitreya, Slink Hourglass and Slink Physique.  
Oh, don't forget to wear your crown, wink.
Outfit: Chic Princess - BAD GIRL W/Hud
Lashes: Dope Designs - Lovely Lashes CATWA Mesh Head
Head: CATWA - AnnaGrey
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Hair: Little Bones - Buffy
Armband: Ryca Jewelry - NS90

The Great Path

Nothing is stable in this life, neither love nor friendship.   Constant change is the very nature of this world. The world is like a river...constantly flowing.
Source: The Great Path

Albino Peacock - Rosalie Lace Dress Standard sizing in XXS - L & can be worn some mesh bodies. In Black and Red Exclusive for Designer Showcase.

(Angelic Ethereal Eyes) Another great find at Designer Showcase is the Angelic Eyes for Catwa Mesh Head. Six lovely eyes by Dulce.

Volume One

Volume Two Dulce Secrets -  Angelic Eyes for Catwa

VA-VISTA BENTO PROHANDS FEM-V.1FINAL Long awaited Bento Hands with natural animations. & ~Gorgeous Dolls~ Savage Dolls Slay for BENTO HANDS   Pack includes seven beautifully crafted nails shapes, six polish pack huds and a set of bento rigged rings.

HYPNOSE - Shoes St-Trop Awesome stiletto platform shoes with texture change hud for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink Shoes.  

Dress: Albino Peacock - Rosalie Lace Dress
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Angelic Vol 2 Catw…

About Me

Paris Dollchild Evermore was born into this virtual world of Second Life on October 20, 2011.  A friend introduced her Second Life to give her something to do while caring for an aging parent at home.   After creating her character, Paris first worked at a dance club as a way of making lindens to support herself.  Then one faithful day, she met a fashion model who changed Paris life.

The model invited her to a fashion show, being given by CWS Modeling Agency.  IT was then that Paris was absolutely amazed at the fabulous designs and the graceful walking of the models showcasing them.  Once the show was over Paris asked for more information on how she could become a model in Second Life.  She gave Paris a business card for Dallas Modeling Academy, told her to contact Suki Rexen.   She met with Suki Rexen, who was happy to help her get started on her career in modeling.  Paris enrolled in Dallas Modeling School, graduated and continues to model on runway, print modeling and blogger.



Designer Showcase

Emerald Couture

Ghee Main Store

Coming Soon

Chic Princess


Puppy Love

My puppy's love it for me to take them with me on my walks in the morning.  I love them so much I always make sure to grab their little wagon to put them in.  It would be heart breaking to lose any one of them.

Today, as we go on our little walk, I decided to wear "Half Top" by Marquesse.  It's sassy, sexy and most fashionable for my casual outfits.  "Half Top" is available with appliers for mesh bodies. And standard sizing.

These curve hugging leggings goes great with "Half Top".  They're call simply "Leggings Red".  Trust me, there is nothing simply about these leggings. You can wear the leggings with long or short tops.  Either way you will be pleased with your purchase.  Now you all know how much I love shoes.  Check out the shoes by Shoeddiction.

These shoes are called "No Name".  I love the way my feet look in them.  You can dress them for casual or even wear with a nice pair of dress slacks for the office.   So drop…

Say Hello to CeCe

My closest friends all know being near the water is my solace.  When I want to get away from all the job for a few, or just for some well deserved me time, I look for the water.  I'm pictured here in the  Salt Water Sim.  

But now, I'm ready to go out to party with friends.  I'm showcasing the Emerald Couture's CeCe.  I love the way this fashionable sexy dress flows when I walk.  Defiantly a show shopper at any party you walk into the room.  Available in Standard, Fitmesh, Belleza, Maitreya, eBody, Slink Physique & Hourglass.

Now don't forget to finish off the look with the Diamond Silver Jewelry Set.  Shown in the picture are the earrings and Necklace.  The complete set also includes bracelet and ring.  This sexy party dress and jewelry can be found at Emerald Couture.

Dress: CeCe Party Dress Jewelry: Diamond Silver Jewelry Set  Mainstore: Emerald Couture 
Hair: Little Bones - Buffy
Location: Salt Water

The Queen's Hamlet

Since I have changed up my roleplay life style to experience as much of what Second Life has to offer their residents.  Like this beautiful sim a wonderful friend introduced me too a few days ago.  It's The Queen's Hamlet Sim.  Just look at the awesome view of perfectly manicured lawn and off at a distance breath taking landscape.

I felt like a Queen in this beautiful gown made exclusively for Designer Showcase.  It's called Silent Night by LEGENDAIRE.  Shown in Gold in the picture but has a texture hud to give you more options to chose.  BAXE also has new poses created exclusively for Designer Showcase the Miss Usa Poses.

So stop in to Designer Showcase to the beautiful gown Silent Night and the Miss Usa Poses.  Designer Showcase is a month event that starts on the 4th of each month through 30th.   And be sure to tour the awesome Queen's Hamlet Sim and enjoy the lovely view.

Gown: Silent Night Jewelry: Silent Night Mainstore: Legendaire Store

Checking The Daily News

While doing a little role play in Whiskey City, I had to stop to check out the daily news going on in the city.  Of course nothing much has changed in the city.  The crime rate is still high and the employment lines are getting longer.

Can not tell it by the I'm dressed cause I shop in high quality clothing stores. Such as the outfit I'm wearing today, Chica Boom by Marquesse.   Available in Purple (shown in picture), Blue, Grey, Pink, and Red.  Come in Standard and Mesh sizes.

Chica Boom is a complete outfit with jacket, top, pants and shoes.  Now talk about a bargain, you can find high quality clothing and shoes at an affordable price.

Complete Outfit: Marquesse Main Store - Chica Boom (Shown in Purple)
Hair: Dura - Boys&Girls *50
Body: Slink Mainstore - Physique
Skin: Ooh-la-licious/Shahira/Cocoa
Jewelry: Finesmith Jewelry - Lulu's Melody (No Longer Available)
Handbag: Miss LT Creations Studio - Madama Mesh Bag
Location: Whiskey City

Happiness is A Long Hot Bubble Bath

I'm wearing the awesome new skin by Dope Designs called SOFIA.  Dope Designs is having a one week Promo of 50% for SOFIA skin.  That is 50% off - 300L.

SOFIA appliers for CATWA Mesh Head in seven awesome tones: Butter, Cream, Latte, Vampire, Honey, Coin and Latte Macchiato, which I'm wearing in the picture.  Also includes two shapes for the CATWA head in Curvy and Model for the Bento CATWA Mesh head.

Body appliers for all tones for Belleza & Maitreya.

The supper sexy outfit I'm wearing is from Chic Princess called No Mercy.  Trust me once your companion lays eyes on you in this, well, you understand why it's called No Mercy, Wink.

Do check out The Dressing Beach a great place to meet new people, have fun exploring this interesting place with great props for taking photographs.  This is an adult Sim, so you must be able to enter an adult Sim to enjoy.

 Sofia Skin for Catwa Mesh Body Appliers  No Mercy Main store: Chic Princess - Modern Couture - Dope Desig…

Evening of Floral's & Jewels

Gentille Dianthus
Beautiful strapless mesh dress with flowing accented sheer skirt and floral decals.  Each of the Gentille creations by Snowpaws are exclusively for Designer Showcase for the January Round.  Available in standard sizes, fitmesh, maitreya and slink physique and hourglass.

Gentille Poppy

 Gentille Thistle

Nancy Jewels Anniversary Gift Includes Earrings and Necklace with twenty gems stones and eight metals. 

Diana Jewels Includes earrings with three choices of settings, necklace, five bracelets, five rings and all with twenty gemstones and eight metals. Both Diana and Nancy is exclusively created by Moondance Boutique for the January Round of Designer Showcase.

Dress: Snowpaws - Gentille Dianthus, Gentille Poppy & Gentille Thistle
Jewelry: Moondance Boutique - Nancy Jewels & Diana 
Event: Designer Showcase
Hair: EMO-tions - Lora

My Ship Is Coming In

Layka by KiB Designs, the hot sexy new exclusive for the January Round of Designer Showcase.  This hot outfit has ten awesome colors for the top and five for the skirt.  Available in Belleza (Freya, Isis, Venus), Maitreya, Slink (Physique, Hourglass), eBody, & TMP mesh sizes.

Drop in at Designer Showcase to see this hot sexy outfit that is just in time for spring fashion and an exciting club outfit.
Outfit: KiB Designs - Layka 
Event: Designer Showcase
Hair: Truth Hair - Ryleigh
Head: LeLutka Bento Head Simone
Boots: KC Shoes & Apparel
Location: Blake Sea - Half Hitch

Prep School Blues

She walks onto the balcony overlooking the country side at Le Sixieme Sens with her little furry companion.  What a beautiful place to spend time relaxing in nature.

Prep School Blues is the new exclusive for Designer Showcase by Entice.  Available for you in fatpacks or sold separate for the tops and pants.  Available in Classic fitmesh sizes, Belleza ( Freya, Isis, & Venus), Maitreya, Slink (Physique & Hourglass), & TMP.

Loafers available for Classic, Maitreya, and Slink.

The look is not complete without freshly manicured nails at Designer Showcase, by Entice called Simple Life Nails.

Outfit: Prep School Blues Nails: Simple Life Nails Mainstore: Entice
Event: Designer Showcase
Hair: Exxess - Drioma A
Shades: Loovus - Kulinda Shades
Location: Le Sixieme Sens

New Year, New Attitude

Make no mistake between my personality and my attitude. My personality  is who I am. My attitude depends on who you are.

Bambi Bodysuit is PurpleMoon's exclusive designs for the January Round of Designer Showcase.   in Available in ten sexy textures for standard sizes and Omega appliers for mesh bodies.


Bodysuit: PM - Bambi Bodysuit
Mainstore: PurpleMoon Creations

Event: Designer Showcase



Showcasing Charmed by Chic Princess.  Long cardigan with side slits on each side. I'm loving the cable knit sweater texture with quilted sleeve design.

The Charmed Cardigan is available in two version to be worn with or without the shirt.  Has mesh sizes for Belleza (Venus, Freya and Isis), Maitreya, Slink (Physique & Hourglass).  Endless possibilities with the twelve textures for the Charmed Cardigan and twelve textures for the shirt.

Also available at Chic Princess are these beautiful long lashes by DOPE DESIGN called Lovely Lashes for the CATWA Mesh Head.  Works with the Bento CATWA CATYA Mesh Head, as well as all the Catwa Heads.

Cardigan: Chic Princess - Charmed Cardigan
Eye Lashes: DOPE Designs@Chic Princess - LOVELY LASHES For CATWA Mesh Head
Boots: Ghee - Sadie Thigh Boots w/Jeans
Hair: Truth Hair - Kora
Necklace: Baubles! by Phe - Crystal Drops
Location: Mayo Clinic

The Loft

Paris is wearing Macy Dress by Zanze at the January 2017 Round of Designer Showcase.  She received a message from her younger sister to meet her at this Loft apartment which she'd fallen in love with the view.

It is a beautiful view, Paris thought to herself, but she gets nose bleeds if she is up to high.  Her sister was dancing around the room laughing and decorating in my mind just where she would put everything.  My my, you are very excited about this place, and I might add that the Loft would be great for her, since she enjoys taking pictures too.

Paris told her sister she hated to be in a rush, but she is running late for a dinner date. If she was going to get though the evening traffic, then she needed to make her exit now. Because she didn't just get dressed up in this beautiful cocktail dress, heels and her nails polished for nothing.

Smiling inside, she hugged her younger sister, grabbed her wrap, and said her goodbye then exited the Loft.

The new year has come and …