Monday, February 22, 2016

Life Lessons featuring Down In The Boondocks

As a person gets older in age and experience life changes.  You come to understand that it doesn't matter where you start, it matters where you finish.  Everyone and everything has a beginning and a end.  How you chose to make the ending is up to you.  Our life is full of chose we make that can either elevate you to new heights or it can tear you down.  Whatever you life choices are make sure you invest quality time in becoming the best you can be.  Practice your skills on a daily basis, don't allow negative behavior or communication to affect your ending.  Take constructive criticism as for what it's worth to you.  But be you no matter and have your own style of doing things to which makes you unique to you.

I'm wearing the Down In The Boondocks from Lavian&Co-BySam bag 1.  Down In The Boondocks is on the Steals & Deals.  Low price, but great style.


Pants Set: Lavian&Co-BySam - Essentials Down In The Boondocks Bag 1

Shoes: Loovus - Relevance Mule
No Longer Available

Hair: Sentinus Hair - Violetta Hair

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