Sunday, January 3, 2016

Great Place To Hangout Surfer's Bay

Hello and Happy New Years to all of you!! I'm so excited to start the new year off.  Ready to try and do new things this year.  A new year always measures new adventures in my life.  One of those new adventures is the beautiful Caribbean Island of Surfer's Bay.

 A really cool friend of mine messaged me to go check it out.  I'm so happy she turned me on this fabalous island.  Surfer's Bay has used remarkable detailed and realistic settings to give this island a wonderful Caribbean atmosphere.  People can enjoy surfing on the big huge waves at the Bay, meet and greet new people.  

Surfer's Bay is full of awesome areas to spend time with friends or the special someone in your life.  Like sitting around at the beach bar or dancing to music.  I really enjoyed exploring the three jungles on the sim.  Walking through caves feeling the moist breeze against my skin.  Jet Skiing in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean.   

For those of you who love to take pictures, there are the most breathtaking waterfall locations on this sim, and caves to explore, omg, I can't name everything, but this beautiful Caribbean Island of Surfer's Bay is a keeper on my list of places to hangout.  I've even learned to surf while I was there too.  

Rikki Sixx is the owner of this awesome place.  You'll not find anyone as sweet as Rikki to welcome you to this beautiful island.  Very realistic place to visit and hangout.  Go check it out and tell Rikki you read about Surfer's Bay on my blog.

Love you all and I wish everyone the best of 2016.


So lets started and explore the Surfer´s Bay

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