Friday, December 11, 2015

Taking Time To Love You

 What is this road? What is this journey? Who am I?  So many questions, so many parts of life that are unanswered, You want to know the whens, what's and whys.  We go about our daily lives in a hurry to take care of what is at hand at the moment, taking care of everything for everybody, only to leave yourself out of the process.

The end of the year is closely approaching us, the uncertainty of a new year will being.  If you like me I'm always making new years resolutions only to allow them to pass away into another year unfinished.  However, there is one resolution I do try to keep each new year.  That is making sure I take time for me.

So if you've been busy taking care of everyone but yourself, then take my advice and do something special for yourself.  Plan a day at the spa to have one of those tall dark and handsome men to massage those tense muscles in your shoulders, or go on a shopping spree for that dress which just went on sale you been had your eyes on.  Like this beautiful long red dress by Kaithleen called Marlene Long Dress exclusively made for Designer Showcase.  I love the way this dress makes me feel so feminine and sexy.  Thin spaghetti straps attached to a plunging neckline.  I love the way the fabric hugs my curves and then falls softly off the hips.

Finish off your stunning look with Zuri Rayna's Ava Collection V2 Diamond Gold jewelry set.  beautiful choker surrounds your neck with elegant diamonds with clusters of diamonds in pendant extended from a gold chain.  Matching earrings and bracelet will catch the attention of all.  I used DaneMarkZ's Blizzard Douche nails set with texture hud.  DaneMarkZ's Nails are exclusively made for Designer showcase.

Dress: Kaithleen's Mariene Long Dress
Nails: DaneMarkZ - Blizzard Douche 

Main Store: Kaithleen's Mainstore

Main Store: DaneMarkZ MainStore

Jewelry: Zuri Rayna Ava Collection V2 Diamond Gold

Hair: Boon KZK736

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