Sunday, December 13, 2015

SHEY's Babylon Shirt & Alice Jeans

SHEY has something special for you ladies. It's their Pleasure and Pain Series.  They have some awesome selections for you to chose from or be greedy and rack up on it all.  A couple of their new releases in the Pleasure and Pain Series is the Babylon Shirt.  Omg, it feels just like silk against your skin.  I really love the classic look of the Babylon shirt.   

Their Alice jeans are part of the Pleasure and Pain Series as well.  Belted jeans in stone washed denim colors you can dress up or down.  Both the Babylon Shirt and Alice jeans can be worn with your mesh bodies by using your mesh alpha.   The is great buy for you and you going to feel sexy and chic.

SHEY'S Pleasure & Pain Series featuring the Babylon Shirt and Alice Jeans.

Available textures for the Babylon Shirt are Black, Blue, Grey, Red and Tan.  Also available in Fatpack.  Their Alice jeans textures are Black, Blue, Dark Blue, Light Blue and Midnight.  Alice jeans are also available in fatpack. 


Shirt: SHEY - Babylon Shirt Fatpack
Pants: SHEY - Alice Jeans
Shoes: SHEY - Edmonton Stilettos

Hair: Tukinowaguma Ali

Jewelry: AmaccI - Stripes 

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