Sunday, December 20, 2015

Make Tiime For You During the Holiday

     Changing the way you think this holiday season is one way of coping with holiday stress.  Many people stress over last minute business details, last minute shopping and of course the holiday travel plans.  These things can be fun to a certain degree, but it's never fun to stress over them.  You only have a few more days before Christmas, so have a seat plan out your little list, but put a time limit of how much time you going to spend on each task.  Then arrange your to do list to make a date for you to do something fun.  

You have to take control over your to do list and not allow your list to take control over you.  It took me a long time to wrap my fingers around this nugget of advice, but I'm more happier now than I've ever been.  Once you have your list together then start doing what has to be done.  No sense in having a to do list if you never do anything.

 When your to do list gets close to your time for you.  Just stop.  Put everything away that has to do with your list.  Then get ready to do something special for yourself.  Taking control over your time is one key element that will help your life and your mental state be more healthier.

After a long day at the office I'm usually mentally exhausted.  I decided not to crawl into bed after work today, instead I meet friends at the Opera for a lovely play, then attended the awesome fashion show for Dirty Princess, once the show was over it was me time.  I dressed in my quilted jacket and freshly starched jeans by LaVian&Co called November Rain Bag 1.  November Rain keeps me warm and cozy while outside in the cold.  I'm having me time now, You should make time for you during the holiday, and everyday if possible.  

LaVian's November Rain Bag 1 available now at Designer Showcase until December 29, 2015.


Outfit: LaVian AW1516 Essentials November Rain Bag 1

Main Store: LaVian&Co Main Store

Hair: Damselfly Hair Salon - Julia Mesh

Shoes: LRD - Toxx High Heels

Bracelet: Zuri Rayna - Cord Leather Bracelet 

Watch: Ryca - Iced Gold

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