Wednesday, November 18, 2015

When Enough Is Enough

"He said, he wouldn't hit me again", "You know I love you, but you make me do this", "If you leave me, you won't find no one else to love you".  Does those cliches sound familiar to you?  If it does you need to know there are places and people who can help you get out of a bad situation.

Many women feel trapped in abusive relationships feeling all alone.  Afraid to reach out to tell someone what they are going through.  Sometimes not even family are aware of what their loved ones are experiencing behind closed doors.  And if a family member or a friend discovers the problem, you try to cover it up or sometimes even defend the abusive partner in the relationship.

I'm hear to tell you enough is enough. No woman or man deserves to be demeaned in anyway.  No one deserves to feel trapped behind closed doors like you are in a prison.  When you get tired of the name calling, the bruises, and the endless beatings, then you will say enough is enough.

Look for the woman or man inside of you.  Take a look in the mirror and tell yourself these words, "I AM SOMEBODY", repeat it to yourself as many times as you need to build your self esteem up, to find the real person inside of you, to gain the strength you need to make your move.

A few Little Broken Hearts will mend, but you can't get another life.  Once you find yourself, I promise you your confidence and self esteem will grow.  I heard someone say once, you should thank your enemies.  When you get blessed with the best, you can look back then and say thank you to your enemies.  Cause if you had not left the enemies behind you, you would not be open to receive the best.


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