Monday, November 16, 2015

The Table Is Set

Mommy always told me,
when you want your man to listen to you.

You prepare a home cooked meal,
turn the lights down low.

Then put on his favorite slow jam,
Pick a sexy dress that is eye catching to wear.

You know, the type of dress that captures his attention,

I've chosen just the right dress for the occasion.
 LaVian's Chat 2 Your Man Bag 1.  The soft silky material 
 hugs my curves then angles down to one side.  You know, showing off my thigh. Ohh la la,

When he walks through the door, 
just stand there the table is set. 
Then let him...Well, you get the picture.  Wink.

Finishing the look with LaVian Lindy Pumps with color texture 
changing hud. Unisex Beaded Shark Pendant in Salmon and Anya braids.


Dress: LaVian AW1516 Essentials Chat 2 Your Man Bag 1
Shoes: LaVian - Lindy Pumps w/Hud

Necklace: Zuri Rayna - Unisex Beaded Shark Pendant Salmon

Hair: Emotions - ANYA

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