Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Take The A Train

"Take the 'A' Train was a classic jazz tune by Billy Strayhorn that was the signature tune of Duke Ellington's orchestra.  It was considered to have been one the most famous of the many compositions from the collaboration of Ellington and Strayhorn.
The use of the Stayhorn composition as the signature tune was made necessary by a ruling in 1940 by the American Society of Composers and Publishers.  When the licensing fees for broadcasting use could no longer play their compositions over radio, as most music was played live on radio at the time.  Ellington turned to Billy Strayhorn and son Mercer Ellington, to write a whole new book for the band.  Mercer recalled "A' Train was one of many songs written by Strayhorn, and was picked to replace the former signature song.

It's reported that Ellington hired Strayhorn as a part of his writing team.  Ellington wrote instructions for Strayhorn directions for his house by subway, directions that began, "Take the A Train".

Ahh, a lovely jazz tune of this song can be heard on YouTube.  LaVian's "Take The A Train" is a classic floral print dress that is just as lovely as the class tune it's named after.  Very jazzy chic styling that is belted at the waistline with a thin leather belt. The dress is available with a texture changing hud for you to mix and match.  Medanielle pumps are available in a fatpack, three options to chose from with texturing changing hud.

My styling of this jazzy chic classic dress consists of a high pinned updo with colorful bow to match the pastel pink in the dress.  Along with LaVian's Medanielle pumps Fatpack 3.

Completing the look is Noel Garnet Steel jewelry set.  Elegant gemstones align the neck with clusters of deep garnet stones.  I'm dressed to Take the 'A' Train in classic style.


Dress: LaVian - AW1516 - Essentials Take The A Train Bag 1
Shoes: LaVian - Aw1516 Essentials Medanielle Pumps Fatpack 3

Hair: Vanity - Trop Mignon

Glasses: Arisaris - Azahara Fantasy Glasses w/Hud

Lipstick: BlackLace - Jelly Lipgloss

Jewelry: Zuri Rayna - Noel Garnet - Steel

Wikipedia: Information on "Take the 'A' Train tune history

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