Friday, November 20, 2015

Put Your Big Girl Stilettos On!

Trying to be someone you are not will only cause you to be unhappy in your virtual world life. Who wants to deal with drama in the real world only to come to your virtual world and deal with the same. It's not worth coming if you can not be happy in what you are doing here. Now grant it, there are some lifestyles you are involved with that may require you to dress in an appropriate manner for the job.  But when that job is over your life should be yours to live the way you so chose.  Many of us live a double lifestyle here because we can and we want too.  There are some really cool things to try here in our virtual world.  The beautiful part of living in a virtual world is the freedom to be the person you want to be.

This is a place where most of us come to enjoy the freedom, to escape the real drama, to have that friend to talk to cause you are bond in doors unable to get out into the main stream of social life.  It may sometime be a caregiver taking care of a loved one and this virtual world holds the key to a moment of happiness.

My point is that we are all here for various reasons and should learn to respect the freedom it gives to so many.  Regardless of the lifestyle they enjoy in this virtual world.  It's wrong to pass judgement on someone.  I was reading something on facebook one evening where apparently someone had been hurt by something that was said to them.  It caused my heart to ache for there suffering and for the pain that was clearly in their heart as they exploded with angry words.  I'd like to offer to them a solution to those who find themselves being judged because of the way they play their virtual entertainment. And the key word is THEIR entertainment, I say to you, to put on your big girl high heel stilettos.

Because first of all, you pay your own rent to live in this virtual world, and for those who seems to want to criticize you for your enjoyment, as my aunt use to say, rest her soul.  If they not paying the cost to be your boss, then put them high heel stilettos on, don't sweat the small stuff.  I have just the right high heel stilettos for you.  You can find them at SHEY, he newly released "Lincoln Stilettos".

Sexy five inch high heel platform stilettos makes me feel sexy and a little mischievous, giggles. I'm sure they will do the same for you.  Available with a texture changing hud to mix and match with you outfits.  Now you know with a great sexy pair of shoes you need a special handbag to set it off.  I suggest the versatile tote handbag with leather handles for durability, with a textures changing hud that gives you the option for transparent texture.  It also allows you to remove the magazines if you so chose. You can get really creative with this handbag and it's the perfect complement for the Lincoln Stilettos.

Go purchase you Lincoln Stilettos and Kentucky Handbag at SHEY today.  Then pull on a nice pair of nylon stockings by SHOP Toshy, you favorite outfit and then rock it.


Shoes: SHEY Lincoln Stilettos
Handbag: SHEY Kentucky Handbag w/texture change

Stockings: SHOP Toshy Pantyhose

Hair: JUMO  Vivien Hair

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