Sunday, November 29, 2015

Missy by D2T Designs

Looking for a comfortable stylish sweat suit? Or something to lounge around the house on those chilly days? D2T Designs has the perfect fit for you.  Missy 1 Basic allows you to be you. The neat texture changing hud allows you to mix and match your colors on the jacket and pants.  This stylish jacket you can layer it over a tank top, wear with your favorite sports bra, or as i'm wearing it with just the jacket.

I'm enjoying the warmth of this cotton blend fabric against my skin.  It keeps me warm as I do my walking for exercise, you know i have to keep my figure in tip top shape.  Or when I'm working out with friends at the local gym I know I'm in style with Missy 1 basic.

D2T Designs even has shoes with texture changing hud you can wear with your stylish new sporty outfit.  The Anyone gym shoes you will love being able to mix and match with Missy or any other outfit in your wardrobe.

D2T Designs has moved to a new and better location.  So go by and check out the new location.  While you there if you are not a member of the group yet, be sure to join her group or subscriptive to keep up to date with all that is happening at D2T Designs.


Outfit: D2T Designs - Missy 1 Basic
Shoes: D2T Designs - Anyone

Hair: Tukinowaguma - Ali

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