Wednesday, November 18, 2015

It's Cold, but I Still Like Ice Cream

Are you one of those people who loves the taste of a mouth watering Ice Cream Cone?  Even to the point of eating Ice Cream in the Winter months?  It just taste so good.  As a youth growing up in the rural south, I had the pleasure of having a grandmother who made homemade ice cream for us little ones.  On days when she felt we had been good and deserved a special treat, she would pull out her mixing bowls, creams, sugars and favoring to make her sweet little grand babies some homemade ice cream (Ok, so we was not that sweet).  However, being a grandmother she thought we was sweet.   

It's surprising at what come to the mind sometimes.  It's always good to have those fond memories of the past.  While I was on the Sims of PSY City strolling around looking for a place to take some pictures, I came across this neat little cafe that sold ice cream.  I had to laugh at the sign by the door advertising the delicious looking ice cream cone for only five cents.  And no, I'm not about to tell you I remember when lol.  

I felt this was the perfect place to take a picture in my new trench coat by SHEY called LaRita. SHEY's LaRita Trenchcoat with large stylish buttons on the front side of the coat gives it a fashionable New York style look.  A chic wide turn down collar with an attached hood defiantly makes this treach coat a must have.  You will love the warmth of the heavy wool fabric to keep the cold off you as you go strolling along the streets on a brief walk, or awaiting a taxi, this Newly Released LaRita Trenchcoat will keep you warm and cozy as you eat your favorite ice cream cone.

Coat: SHEY LaRita Trenchcoat

Hair: Vanity: Fall Ball - Must Haves

Earrings: Zuri Rayna Soul Seekers Fire Opal Orange
Rings: Zuri Rayna Pyramid Ring Golden & Spell Bound Aussie

Shades: Loovus - Kulinda Sunglasses 
No Longer Available

Location: PSY CITY

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