LaVian Essentials Hello Bag 1

Hello!! Have you ever ran out of fuel in your car? Then walk two miles to the nearest service station in your best high heels, only to find out when you arrive that the station is closed?

So, I look reach into my pocket for my cell phone, only to find out I left it in the car.

LaVian Essential Hello Bag 2

Hello!! lucky for me there is a music store across the street that is open. And wouldn't you know it, the music store is closed and the man behind the counter is saying, We closed, come back tomorrow.  Can you just image me standing there looking through the glass door at this man.  It's a good thing the door is locked.

LaVian Essentials Hello Bag 3

I go back to the service station hoping someone will come along to help me.  Hello!!, lucky for me again, a woman walking by pushing her child in a stroller.  She compliments me on the outfit I'm wearing.  I ask if she has a phone.  She replies, of course I do, you are welcome to use it.  I rush to her to get the phone to call for help.  Then passing her the phone back, I proceed to tell her about the LaVian Essentials Hello outfits. 

Available in three lovely versions of texture to pick and chose what you like.  The jacket top can be worn separately giving you more flexibility to mix and match with other outfits you own.


Outfit: LaVian Hello 

Hair: Emotions Jordan

Jewelry: Timeless Designs Mai Tai Set

Shoes: Italiano Paola Bootie

Location: Crestville


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