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Missy by D2T Designs

Looking for a comfortable stylish sweat suit? Or something to lounge around the house on those chilly days? D2T Designs has the perfect fit for you.  Missy 1 Basic allows you to be you. The neat texture changing hud allows you to mix and match your colors on the jacket and pants.  This stylish jacket you can layer it over a tank top, wear with your favorite sports bra, or as i'm wearing it with just the jacket.

I'm enjoying the warmth of this cotton blend fabric against my skin.  It keeps me warm as I do my walking for exercise, you know i have to keep my figure in tip top shape.  Or when I'm working out with friends at the local gym I know I'm in style with Missy 1 basic.

D2T Designs even has shoes with texture changing hud you can wear with your stylish new sporty outfit.  The Anyone gym shoes you will love being able to mix and match with Missy or any other outfit in your wardrobe.

D2T Designs has moved to a new and better location.  So go by and check out the new lo…

LaVian&Co 55 Thursday

Take a look at this sporty jersey pantsuit called Jersey Thursday.  Comfortable fit jersey outfit come in three different versions on hud.  This sporty set is complete with jacket, top and pants.  Available in five sizes with fitmesh and appliers.

I love having the options to change up my outfits by mixing and matching the colors and patterns that the Jersey Thursday gives.  You can chose hues that are great for holiday party time to casual wear.  Either way you going to love the look and feel of jersey fabric against your skin.
Outfit: LaVian AW1516 - Essentials Jersey Thursday Bag 1 LaVian AW1516 - Essentials Jersey Thursday Bag 2 LaVian AW1516 - Essentials Jersey Thursday Bag 3
Hair: Sugarsmack Adara
Necklace: Chop Zuey Couture - Heart & Soul
Earrings: Ryca - Hoop De Gold
Location: Wild Latin Desires

LaVian AW1516 - Essentials Shiny Stockings Dress

Make a cool play on proportion with this chic new release by LaVian&Co called Shiny Stockings Dress.  Deep plunging neckline with side opening makes this chic outfit extra sexy.  The cool flow of textured shiny fabric flows over the hips with an embroidered waistband.

Tight stretch fitting leggings gives the legs a slender shape.  Shiny Stockings Dress is available in three versions with each having a texture changing hud.  Available in five sizes for standard, fit mesh and appliers for mesh body.

Complete the look with a great pair of high heels like the Lindy Pumps by LaVian&Co.  They are available in fatpack and available in three versions to chose from too.  Pictured are Lindy's Fatpack 2.    
Dress: LaVian - Aw1516 Essentials Shiny Stockings Dress Bag 1 Shoes: LaVian - Aw1516 Essentials Lindy Pumps Fatpack 2
Hair: Vanity Morea 
Handbag: SHEY - Kenttucky Handbag
Necklace: CHOP ZUEY COUTURE - Kinshi - Bai Necklace 
Glasses: Arisaris - Azahara Fantasy Glasses w…

Take The A Train

"Take the 'A' Train was a classic jazz tune by Billy Strayhorn that was the signature tune of Duke Ellington's orchestra.  It was considered to have been one the most famous of the many compositions from the collaboration of Ellington and Strayhorn.
The use of the Stayhorn composition as the signature tune was made necessary by a ruling in 1940 by the American Society of Composers and Publishers.  When the licensing fees for broadcasting use could no longer play their compositions over radio, as most music was played live on radio at the time.  Ellington turned to Billy Strayhorn and son Mercer Ellington, to write a whole new book for the band.  Mercer recalled "A' Train was one of many songs written by Strayhorn, and was picked to replace the former signature song.

It's reported that Ellington hired Strayhorn as a part of his writing team.  Ellington wrote instructions for Strayhorn directions for his house by subway, directions that began, "Take …

Aida Mini Dress Short & Sassy

One of the new releases by SHEY, the Aida Mini Dress.  This sassy short mini dress is belted at the waist with thin Italian leather belt.  This sassy short mini dress is available in eight seasonal textures.  Their are five sizes to chose from including fitmesh, and appliers for you mesh bodies.

What I love about SHEY's Aida Mini Dress it gives various styling options.  I can put a turtle neck sweater underneath the dress, add my favorite pair of tight with a a pair of boots for a neat fall into the winter season.  But if you live in a warm climate as I do, you can wear Aida Mini Dress with your sandals or pair the mini dress with a lovely pair of high heels.

Stop into SHEY for this sassy short Aida Mini Dress.  While you are their be sure to check out their fabulous shoe department and handbags.

Dress: SHEY - Aida Mini Dress
Hair: Vanity - Sunset Blvd
Mug: Pamela Galli - Mug of Coffee - Rose Sipping

Put Your Big Girl Stilettos On!

Trying to be someone you are not will only cause you to be unhappy in your virtual world life. Who wants to deal with drama in the real world only to come to your virtual world and deal with the same. It's not worth coming if you can not be happy in what you are doing here. Now grant it, there are some lifestyles you are involved with that may require you to dress in an appropriate manner for the job.  But when that job is over your life should be yours to live the way you so chose.  Many of us live a double lifestyle here because we can and we want too.  There are some really cool things to try here in our virtual world.  The beautiful part of living in a virtual world is the freedom to be the person you want to be.

This is a place where most of us come to enjoy the freedom, to escape the real drama, to have that friend to talk to cause you are bond in doors unable to get out into the main stream of social life.  It may sometime be a caregiver taking care of a loved one and thi…

When Enough Is Enough

"He said, he wouldn't hit me again", "You know I love you, but you make me do this", "If you leave me, you won't find no one else to love you".  Does those cliches sound familiar to you?  If it does you need to know there are places and people who can help you get out of a bad situation.

Many women feel trapped in abusive relationships feeling all alone.  Afraid to reach out to tell someone what they are going through.  Sometimes not even family are aware of what their loved ones are experiencing behind closed doors.  And if a family member or a friend discovers the problem, you try to cover it up or sometimes even defend the abusive partner in the relationship.

I'm hear to tell you enough is enough. No woman or man deserves to be demeaned in anyway.  No one deserves to feel trapped behind closed doors like you are in a prison.  When you get tired of the name calling, the bruises, and the endless beatings, then you will say enough is enough.…

It's Cold, but I Still Like Ice Cream

Are you one of those people who loves the taste of a mouth watering Ice Cream Cone?  Even to the point of eating Ice Cream in the Winter months?  It just taste so good.  As a youth growing up in the rural south, I had the pleasure of having a grandmother who made homemade ice cream for us little ones.  On days when she felt we had been good and deserved a special treat, she would pull out her mixing bowls, creams, sugars and favoring to make her sweet little grand babies some homemade ice cream (Ok, so we was not that sweet).  However, being a grandmother she thought we was sweet.   
It's surprising at what come to the mind sometimes.  It's always good to have those fond memories of the past.  While I was on the Sims of PSY City strolling around looking for a place to take some pictures, I came across this neat little cafe that sold ice cream.  I had to laugh at the sign by the door advertising the delicious looking ice cream cone for only five cents.  And no, I'm not abo…

Finale Couture's Maxine For Office And Play

For the ladies in the work place looking for a great stylish design for the workplace..then Finale Couture has just the design for you at Designers Showcase.  Office clothing should make a statement showing you are about business, but yet, shows off your chic styling for the office.
Finale Couture features their Maxine Knit Dress to make you look chic, professional and stylish in the workplace.  This chic office essential knit dress hugs your lovely curves with a cowl neckline.  Warm cotton knit chop jacket layered over the dress for added comfort in the office for those cool days.  
A very versatile outfit you can worn to social events or a day out with your friend's shopping at your favorite mall.  Either way, you will love the stylish chic look and feel of this comfortable Maxine Knit Dress.  
To finish a chic stylish look for your office wear, First check you jewelry box for just the right complementing pair of earrings, pull your hair up into a lovely updo giving you a younge…

The Table Is Set

Mommy always told me, when you want your man to listen to you.
You prepare a home cooked meal, turn the lights down low.
Then put on his favorite slow jam, Pick a sexy dress that is eye catching to wear.
You know, the type of dress that captures his attention,
I've chosen just the right dress for the occasion. LaVian's Chat 2 Your Man Bag 1.  The soft silky material   hugs my curves then angles down to one side.  You know, showing off my thigh. Ohh la la,
When he walks through the door,  just stand there the table is set.  Then let him...Well, you get the picture.  Wink.
Finishing the look with LaVian Lindy Pumps with color texture  changing hud. Unisex Beaded Shark Pendant in Salmon and Anya braids.

Dress: LaVian AW1516 Essentials Chat 2 Your Man Bag 1 Shoes: LaVian - Lindy Pumps w/Hud
Necklace: Zuri Rayna - Unisex Beaded Shark Pendant Salmon
Hair: Emotions - ANYA

Early Morning Cold Taxi

When you live in cities where subway's, taxi's, and transit system's are located, then you know it's cold in the winter.  I believe New York is one of the coldest places I've ever visited in the winter.  Snow can sometimes get as deep as 7 inches or more.  But I still love spending time in the Big Apple whenever I can.  Which by the way, I was happy to have packed my "Early Morning Cold Taxi" outfit by LaVian.  The thick warm wool texture of the jacket keeps me very warm while waiting for a Taxi.  

My tight fitting spandex pants with gold studs keeps my legs warm and looking stylish.  I just love these pants they make my long legs look sexy.  You going to really love it and you can get this outfit now at LaVian.  It is their November Gift 2 for group members.
Outfit: LaVian  - Novembers Gift 2 - AW1516 Essentials Early Morning Cold Taxi
Hair: Vanity - Must Haves  
Earrings: Zuri Rayna - Noel Garnet Gold
Handbag: SHEY - Shoes Clutch Bag 6

After.Spring@Designer Showcase

Ara B Light Jacket

After Spring Ara Light Jacket's in four seasonal textures.  These jackets will go great with your casual outfits from jeans to leggings with boots or your favorite pair of casual shoes.  Zipper front jacket belted at the waistline with attached hood.  
For those breeze days when the a little chill is in the air.  After Spring Ara Light Jacket is just what you need to keep the chill off.
Available only at November Round of Designer Showcase.
Jacket: after.spring Ara B Light Jacket
Store Location: after.spring
Hair: Ali &Ali  Vanadis hair 5
Tights: Ghee Fall15 Prussian Tights
Shoes: D2T Designs Uggs Low
Earrings: Glint Jewelry 60L Sale Platinum n Gold Tiger Eye Hoops
Necklace: Ryca CO Platinum
Bag: David Heather Cat In A Bag/Navy

I Met Her In Paris

I'm wearing the classy stylish suit exclusively designed for ON9 by LaVian&Co.  It's called "I Met Her In Paris". This stylish double breasted suit with thin silver zipper on the side and belted with a silver tie belt.  The matching skirt has a high split in front on the side,  Great designed and perfect for the office or special occasions.

Only available now at On9. Credits:
Suit: LaVian AW1516 ON9 Essentials I Met Her In Paris 
Hair: rezology Sylph
Shoes: Sky Bria Stilettos No Longer Available
Stockings: Cannibelle Plain Nylon
Jewelry: Zuri Rayna Noel Aqua Opal/Topaz Necklace
Ring: Zuri Rayna Double Aussie Style Ring Diamond/Platinum

I Can't Stop The Rain

Can you stop the rain? Keeping it off my head.
No, don't stop the rain. It hides my teardrops.
*LaVian Signature Iseult available with mesh appliers and texture changing hud.
Coat: LaVian (Signature) Iseult
Hair: Analog Dog - Mochi

Party Girl In Town

If the girl is a party girl, then she wants to look hot!  Short mini dress with a drape fur on the shoulder and belted at the waistline.  The party girl dress come with necklace and thigh high boots.  LaVian's Signature Melani is just the dress this party girl needs to doing it up on the dance floor.

Dress: LaVian Signature Melani
Bracelet: SHEY Derya
Watch: Ryca GU Black/Gold


LaVian Essentials Hello Bag 1
Hello!! Have you ever ran out of fuel in your car? Then walk two miles to the nearest service station in your best high heels, only to find out when you arrive that the station is closed?
So, I look reach into my pocket for my cell phone, only to find out I left it in the car.

LaVian Essential Hello Bag 2
Hello!! lucky for me there is a music store across the street that is open. And wouldn't you know it, the music store is closed and the man behind the counter is saying, We closed, come back tomorrow.  Can you just image me standing there looking through the glass door at this man.  It's a good thing the door is locked.

LaVian Essentials Hello Bag 3
I go back to the service station hoping someone will come along to help me.  Hello!!, lucky for me again, a woman walking by pushing her child in a stroller.  She compliments me on the outfit I'm wearing.  I ask if she has a phone.  She replies, of course I do, you are welcome to use it.  I rush to …

Pay No Mind

Family time is always fun around my house.  Sharing jokes, doing family outings together, bike riding through the neighborhood.  Comfortable casual outfits are must have for our outings.  LaVian's Essential Pay No Mind is comfortable and chic.  Available in two versions with texture changing hud.  The pants come in blue jean and black texture, and also has fitted mesh available in the package.

Outfit: LaVian - Essential Pay No Mind 
Hair: Vanity - Sunset Blvd
Earrings: Ryca - Cross - DB Gold
Shoes: Ghee Autumn Leaves Docs
Bicycle: Catboy Cruiser Bicycle
Location: Dreamville Community

To Serve And Protect

There are people who enjoy taking advantage of others for their own personal gain.  People do not come to no good end when they live a life of crime.  You might get away with it for a short period of time.  However, what's done in the dark will at some point come to the light.
I realize in the last couple of years there have been a lot of negative reports against the police force, but I'm a witness that not all police or law enforcement agents are bad officers.  My grandmother use to say, "It only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch".  The words do ring true in most cases. Just because of a few bad one officers, the good has to suffer alone with them.  But then, I remember reading in the bible something to that effect.  The good suffer with the bad.  
But for those men and women who are good officer's of the Law, who put their life on the line every day for the safety of the people, let me just say, Thank You.   
Now I know everyone is not going to enjoy this…

Catch Fire

We all have things in life we are passionate about. For me, it's fashion of course.  If it makes me feel and look amazing I'll buy it.  Think I possibly got my love for fashion from my mom who lived in the department stores.  She never purchased an outfit without making sure she had all the accessories to go with it.
LaVian&Co presents AW1516 Essentials Catch Fire for the November Round of Designer Showcase.  I'm wearing the Bag 1 Collection featuring seasonal textures in a hud for you to mix and match as you desire.  Either way you mix it up, it's going to be amazing.
Dress: DS - LaVian AW1516 Essentials Catch Fire
Hair: EmoTions - Yashi
Nails: Finesmith - Mix Set
Jewelry: Clever & Cool Jewelry - Elegance Collection
Handbag: Just Designs Cassandra
Shoes: LRD - Dangerous High Heels

Exterminating Angel Or Angel of Love

She can be as sweet as mom's apple pie,  Or as dangerous as the exterminator.
Wearing the alluring Avantgarde Gown by Liziaah, this Angel looks very seductive.
She knows how to capture you attention,  holding you gripped under her spell.
Her Blush textured gown has an open collar  with spaghetti straps attached to the bodice.
She slowly when she walks swaying her hips from side to side, and just when you think it's safe to move, It is not.
There are six seductive colors the Avantgarde Gown  is available in such as Aqua, Black, Blush, Lilac, Platinum and Silver.
The Avantgarde pearl choker can also be purchased and worn with this alluring gown.  
Available at Designer Showcase

Gown: Liziaah Avantgarde Gown & Avantgarde Pearl Choker
Store: Liziaah Mainstore
Makeup: MUA Harley
Headpiece: Miamai Invicta Platinum Plus
Bracelet: Ryca Bangle CK-ll
Face Mask: Madrid Solo - Filigree
Wing: Enchanted Designs  White Angel Wings
Sim Location: Byss: City of Khayal Sith Empire …

Giving A Big Shout Out To Broooklyn

Giving a shout out to my girl from Brooklyn.  She and I have been best friends for a long time.  Like the old people would say, birds of a feather fly together.  We like two peas in a pod lol.  Brooklyn was the one who stood by my side when I was going through some difficult times in my life.

She has been there through the heartbreaks, the loneliness, the loss of my brother, she was there for me.  So when LaVian&Co created this stunning design it reminded me of my friend Brooklyn.

 Brooklyn Roads Dress is chic, stylish, and versatile.  Available in two versions, both pictured here, with texture changing hud.

Brooklyn Roads in store now.
Dress: LaVian&Co - Brooklyn Roads
Hair: Stoffwechsel Xyntia
Earrings: Glint Jewelry Onyx Skies
Sunglasses: You - Round Glasses
Shoes: Lindy Ginger Black

Indira@Designers Showcase

It's the night life,  time to party.
Indira's Cami Dress is the perfect dress for my time to play.
Indira's Cami Dress has mesh appliers for  Belleza, Maitreya and Slink.   Available with texture changing hud. Only at Designer Showcase.
Dress: Indira Cami Dress w/appliers
Hair: Vanity Sunset Blvd
Jewelry Set: Lazuri Precious Diamond Set
Clutch: Body&Beauty Vanity Clutch
Shoes: Shey Versailles

I Want Your Sex

When he walks through the door from a long day at work, hears the soft sound of music playing in background.  Lights are turn down low with candlelight's flickering in the room.  A romantic scented aroma surrounds the atmosphere, with rose petals leading a trail to the bedroom.  

He'll know what you want.   You don't even have to say the words,  He'll say it for you... "I Want Your Sex"

Outfit: Entice I Want Your Sex Outfit
Location: Entice Main Store
Hair: Argrace Akira

Beautiful Swan In Black

Such beauty did my eyes behold, swaying from left to right.
What beauty did my eyes behold, the delicate frame standing before me.
How her beauty feels my eyes, seeing the peek of her lace.
Snowpaws presents "Charlotte" at Designer Showcase.
Dress: Snowpaws Charlotte Dress
Location: Snowpaws Main Store
Hair: Bliss Mari Hair
Jewelry: Zuri Rayna Lust Only You

AnaMarkova@Designer Showcase Blythe

We I dress for business, I dress in appeal that makes a statement. Blythe by AnaMarkova makes an outstanding statement.
Exclusively created for Designer Showcase. Enough said.
Dress: AnaMarkova Blythe Autumn
AnaMarkova Main Store
Hair: Bliss Kylie 
Handbag: Shey Shoes Clutch Bag
Necklace: PurpleMoon Rombo

New By D2T Designs Sylvie

Catch the mesh fever at D2T Designs with the New Sylvie.  Sylvie is fitmesh with appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink.  it's also available for standard bodies too.  One of the great features to the designs by D2T Designs is the color changing hud giving you numerous texture to mix and match your outfit.

So stop in to D2T Designs today, purchase Sylvie for your wardrobe, then pick out a lovely pair of shoes to complete your look.

Dress: D2T Designs Sylvie
Hair: Truth Hair Felicity
Jewelry: Glint Jewelry 3 Tier Swirls

Sage@Designer Showcase "Allinda"

Designer Showcase started the November Round today. Designers have created exclusive designs especially for this showcase.
I'm loving the stylish appeal of the "Allinda" dress by Sage. The comfortable fabric fits my body like a glove.

Allinda comes with appliers for Maritreya, Omega and Slink. There is also a mini dress version to Allinda that will just love. Available to you in eight colors for you to chose.

Dress: Sage Allinda Dress
Main Store: Sage Main Store
Jewelry: Zuri Rayna Soul Seeker Black Opal Gold & Bangles Brushed
Hair: !Sugarsmack Adara/Latte Cake
Handbag: Bare Rose Boni Brown
Glasses: Loovus - Kulinda Sunglasses Oak No Loner Available

LaVian@Designer Showcase Black Magic

Black magic has traditionally been referred to the use of supernatural powers or magic.  Well, LaVian's Exclusive design created for Designer Showcase is alluring Essentials Black Magic Gown. It's supernatural magical powers are sure to have your audience spell bound.  
With three different style versions to chose from, Essentials Black Magic will have you wanting all of them.

Gown: LaVian Essentials Black Magic Gown Store Location: LaVian&Co
Designer Showcase
Jewelry: Zuri Rayna Star Black Amethyst/Blk Pearl Set
Eyeshadow: Zibska - Armelle
Lipstick: JumO Amanda Lips
Body: Maritreya Lara Mesh Body