Sunday, October 4, 2015

Courage At Rock Your Rack


When I think of courage, I think of the many men and women who have or now is dealing with Breast Cancer.  They are all courageous people fight to beat the odds.  The National Society of Breast Cancer has been fighting to raise funds to hopefully one day we can say there is a cure.

This stunning gown I'm wearing is called Courage.  It was exclusively made for the Rock Your Rack 2015 by JUMO.  This shapely gown hugs your body revealing the beautiful curves of a true woman of courage.  

You will not only be beautiful in this gown, but a woman of Courage. Available in 
 Marsala, Navy, Neptune, Sky, and Salmon pictured here.

Complimenting this stunning gown is the Courage Gold Pearls by JUMO, also exclusively made
for the Rock Your Rack 2015.  White pearl setting with pearl teardrops are set into a filigree
gold metal.  Elegant detailing will look gorgeous with the Courage gown.


Gown: Jumo - Courage Gown Salmon
Jewelry: Jumo - Courage Gold Pearls

EyeShadow & Lashes: Madrid Solo - Ensemble 

Skin: LoveMe Skins - Megan Skin

Hair: Vanity - Jioni HP

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