Friday, September 25, 2015

Rock Your Rack 2015 Fashion Show

It's here the moment you have been waiting for to arrive.
will be kicking it off with a 
Fashion Show 
September 26th at 11:00AM SLT
The fashion show will be held at
the main runway for Rock Your Rack.

This is the 3rd Annual Fundraiser Event by
Models Giving Back.

Take a sneak peek at what is in store 
for you this year at Rock Your Rack.

The Rock Your Rack main stage 
where you'll be able to get a close up 
look at all the stunning designs.

Live entertainment featuring 
live singers and dancer for your enjoyment.

You are sure to love watching
the Shadow Silhouette Dancers.

Designer booths, hunts and much more
will be there for your pleasure.

This is a worthy cause to help 
stomp out Cancer.  
Please come out to be a part of this great
event giving by Models Giving Back.

You can keep check on coming events by 
going to the Rock Your Rack website
for more information.


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