Sunday, August 16, 2015

Keeping In Shape With D2T

As a model it's very important to eat the right foods, and get plenty of exercise on a daily basis.  I'm learned to keep a diary of my daily eating habits and exercise routines.  Helps to keep me on track as well as reduce stress from a hard day of work.

D2T Designs has outfits for all occasion's such as bridal gowns, street wear, men clothing, and of course outfits for you to get a good comfortable workout in the gym or just hanging out at the house lounge having a lazy day.

Danica by D2T Designs is a comfortable workout suit.  The sports bra top gives you a lot of support for those of us with a heavy chest, wink.  The pants fit loose for comfort when doing those knee bends, leg lifts and aerobic exercise too.  Both come in five sizes and color changing hud, so you can change your outfit for every day of the month if you like. 

I had a great workout at Kendra's Gym.  She has all the equipment there to keep in the best shape you can possible be in with a good workout routine.

Big hugs, see you next time.


Workout Suit: D2T Designs - Danica 

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