Saturday, August 29, 2015

New Release At Ghee!!! Read All About It

Bea Serendipity and Warm Clarity, Owners and Designers of Ghee, are two of the most stylish women in the SL Fashion Industry.  Together they put their amazing talents together to create stunning fashions for us to wear.  Ghee has just released another amazing style for the Fall 15 season.

 Their new release includes this stylish dress called Deidre.

This stylish Hi-Low dress belted at the waist is available in five sizes, with five different seasonal colors to chose pick or grab them all.  Available in Burgundy, Clam, Sorrel, Whip and Zinn.

You do not have to search for shoes to match because Ghee has thought of that too.  Matching shoes can be purchased also in the same colors as the Deidre Dress.

Ghee now has store model's on duty to help you locate items you're looking for in the various departments of the store.  Stop in at Ghee today to see more of what's happening for the new Fall 15 season,


Dress & Shoes: Ghee - Deidre Whip Dress & Deidre Whip Heels

Hair: Sugarsmack - Adara

Jewelry: Shiloh Jun Jewels - Namibia

Location: Ghee Park

Friday, August 28, 2015


Today is Friday and FINESMITH is sending out a beautiful gift for their customers to show their appreciation for having them in their picks.

Yes you read right.  Just for having them in your picks Yula will send you this beautiful gown.  All you have to do is send a notecard to her telling her you have FINESMITH in your picks.

Soft flowing partial mesh gown is black trimmed in a gold satin fabric and floral attachments for the shoulder, the bust line and waist.  This stunning gowns is available in five sizes with earrings and matching bracelet.

Add your makeup, favorite shoes to this stunning gown and you are ready for dancing or late romantic dinner.  Enjoy.



Hair: Sentinus - Beatrice

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Preparations Before A Casting And Shows

Hello everyone, just wanted to do this blog for those models like myself, who do not have the pleasure of a good gaming computer or a computer that does not handle lag good. Therefore, there are some little tricks of the trade you can do to help reduce the lag.

Why blog on lag?  Glad you asked.  Well, I had the unfortunate experience to really make myself look bad at the Models Workshop Uniform Challenge.  But I have no one to blame for this but myself.  Remember, the first thing about correcting a problem is to admit you have one.

Now to talk a little about preparing before a casting and show.  First of you want make sure you clear your cache at least twenty four hours before the casting or show.  Make sure you have checked all your settings, lowered you graphics to low, arrived early enough to derender anything which might cause you to lag.  I go into my advanced settings to rendering types, then I proceed to remove check marks from anything there which might cause me to lag.  Once I arrive at the venue for the casting or show, I proceed to derender chairs, decorations, almost everything but the stage.  If I do this the day before the casting or show I'll place it all in my black list.  This way it stays there until you take it out.  Or if you early enough to do this before event, you can use the temporary derendering.

These options usually help me when doing castings and shows.  But yours truly was late getting there to the stage and failed to follow my own advice.  Needless to say, it was not a good walk, and the lag killed me dead in my tracks literally.  So take my advice to make sure you take precautions to do check everything before your castings and shows.  And always allow yourself time to get there to walk the runway, run through your poses, and have someone check you to make sure you not breaking prims.

I hope my mistake will help someone not to make the same mistake I made.  But as my aunt would say..."A bought lesson is better than no lesson at all".  Simply meaning, you learn from your mistakes, then help someone else not to make the same one.  ciao


Skirt: Brii Underground - Tiffany's Skirt

Cap: !Soul - Buttons Cap

Jacket: LG - Acid Queen Jacket 

Boots: Shey - Eve Stilettos w/hud

Stockings: Cannibelle - Plain Nylon Tights (Sheer)

Earrings: Ryca - Huggie Silver/black

Belt: ColdLogic - Combo Belt Clapp black

Monday, August 24, 2015

Glint Jewelry At Sneak Peek

Take a look at this stunning jewelry set by Rainbow, the owner and designer of Glint Jewelry.  She has made this stunning set called "Centerstone Chain & Beads in Onyx" for Sneak Peek.

You'll be able to chose from the set in different an array of stones such as Jasper Orange Fluorite, Turquoise, Purple Fluorite, Green Aventurine and Yellow Fluorite.

This awesome jewelry set by Glint Jewelry includes two bracelets, earrings, and necklace.

Go check out Sneak Peek to find this stunning jewelry set.  Then make a trip to Glint Jewelry and see many different styles of jewelry available.  Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Anklets, Armbands, Piercings and more.

Rainbow also takes custom orders.   Just drop by the store for information on how you can get your custom jewelry made to your liking.

Location of Sneak Peek

Jewelry Set: Glint Jewelry - Centerstone Chains & Beads Onxy

Mesh Body: eBODY - ABAR V6.5

Gown: PurpleMoon: Hedy

Hair: Amacci - Lily

Hairbase: Boon - Cornrows

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ghee New Fall 15 Release

Ghee New Fall 15 Release 
available now at 
The Instrument.

Available in five sizes along with beautiful 
colors in the autumn tones.

Velvet shoes to mix and match with your 
choice of on a color changing hud.
Tights are available at the main store.


Dress: Ghee - FW15 Preview Artichoke Asian Garden Dress
Shoes: Ghee - FW15 Embroidered Velvet Heels

Tight: Ghee - Scarlet Woman Essential Tights

Hair: Dura - Boys & Girls *50

Earrings: Lazuri - Cocoa Island

Handbag: Shey - Bodrum

Meet The Lady Behind The Blog

About Me

One of the things I enjoy about living in Second Life, is the opportunity to explore different lifestyles, visit different Sims, try new things I wouldn't dare to try in my real life, plus I've meet so many wonderful people in Second Life, some have become amazingly close friends, and others have come and gone.

Secondly, as most women in real and in the virtual world, shopping is defiantly one of my favorite past times. There are just so many wonderfully talented designers.  For which I'm very grateful to the designers whom have entrusted me to showcase their fabulous creations on my blog.  Without their creative minds working to bring their creations into Second Life, I wouldn't be able to express my creativity of styling and artistic version in showcasing their fabulous designs in my blog.

How My Career Began

When I first joined Second Life it was with the intent to check out this virtual world my trucker friend introduced me to spend time unwinding from a busy day of traffic and dealing with shippers and receivers.  Aside from meeting new people, hanging out and chatting, it wasn't long before I became addicted to the people who was showing me a totally new world. One evening a friend invited me to a fashion show at CWS Modeling School. As I watched the men and women on the runway posing it reminded me of my past career in the real modeling world.  After a few months of searching for the right school to attend.  I decided on Dallas Modeling Academy from which my career as a certified model began.

I'm a blogger/model, my own personal photographer, producer/show director and most recently accomplishment is principal of the same school my training as a model began.

If you enjoy my blogs then please be sure to like and follow me.  If you are a designer looking for blogger please contact me by email or by sending me a notecard inworld to Dollchild.  I'll be sure to get back with you as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Paris (Dollchild) Evermore

Friday, August 21, 2015

One Week To Go...

Just one week left to find these fantastic hidden deals at Ghee Summer Daisy Hunt.  For just 10L and a good eye for daisies you can find some great outfits on the Ghee sim.  You have one week left to find these summer deals.  Allow me to show a few the items hidden on the sim.

I'm wearing the Ghee Daisy Patterned spaghetti Strap Crop Top with the Coral Summer Mini Skirt and Ghee Daisy Patterned Tennis Shoes for nice a sporty casual look.  If you look carefully you'll find the Ghee Coral Daisy Shades and Ghee Navy Daisy Shades in the hunt also.  They are awesome shades with little daisy designs over the rim of the shades.

This awesome summer daisy chain hunt includes three of each design such as the crop tops, spaghetti tops, vest, and capri's pants all in three different colors.  The coral, patterned, and white textures in each.  Easy to mix and match together or mix and match with other designs you have in your closet.  The Ankle Fringe Sandals I'm wearing are not included in the hunt, but can be purchased in the SS15 department of the store.

And just when you think it couldn't get any better.  Ghee is have the Summer Daisy Chain Hunt Flickr Photo contest.  You simply style an outfit using at least three of the designs you find in the hunt, then take a picture to post on the Ghee Flickr page.  You could win even more fantastic gifts, but hurry, you have until August 28th to join the contest.  Detail of the contest is pictured above or you can check out the Ghee blog at  So happy hunting.


Ghee: Summer Daisy Chain Hunt Designs
Hair: Dura - Boys & Girls #57

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

D2T Designs - New Tee's

has new outfits ready in
store now.

These cute tee shirts with cartoon characters
are great for casual days.

Squirt Tee with color changing hud.

Batman also with color changing hud.

Minion, is one of my favorites with his little guys.
The Sheila pants are comfortable for a casual day.
Loose cargo pants with straps, chains, and pockets.  
Available with the color changing hud also.


Tee Shirt & Pants: D2T Designs - Tee's (Batman, Minion, Squirt)

Cap: Kamaii Anime: Otaku Cap

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Keeping In Shape With D2T

As a model it's very important to eat the right foods, and get plenty of exercise on a daily basis.  I'm learned to keep a diary of my daily eating habits and exercise routines.  Helps to keep me on track as well as reduce stress from a hard day of work.

D2T Designs has outfits for all occasion's such as bridal gowns, street wear, men clothing, and of course outfits for you to get a good comfortable workout in the gym or just hanging out at the house lounge having a lazy day.

Danica by D2T Designs is a comfortable workout suit.  The sports bra top gives you a lot of support for those of us with a heavy chest, wink.  The pants fit loose for comfort when doing those knee bends, leg lifts and aerobic exercise too.  Both come in five sizes and color changing hud, so you can change your outfit for every day of the month if you like. 

I had a great workout at Kendra's Gym.  She has all the equipment there to keep in the best shape you can possible be in with a good workout routine.

Big hugs, see you next time.


Workout Suit: D2T Designs - Danica 



Virtual Diva Couture has created this stunning gown
for the PENUMBRA 360 Shopping experience.

Dejavu Gown Black Romance is available
in four different versions.

Beautiful satin bodice with a tulip shaped collar.
accented with lovely red flower on a 
belted waist.  You will look like a
gorgeous flower in this in this stunning gown.

Sheer lace panels of fabric flows softly from a tied bow
in the back of the gown, with a fishtail expanded 

Hurry to the PENUMBRA 360 now to catch
this stunning exclusive gown before it's gown.  
Available in five sizes and in four versions just
as stunning as Dejavu Gown Black Romance.


Gown: Virtual Diva Couture - Dejavu Gown Black Romance 

Earrings: Finesmith - Forbidden Love

EyeShadow: +Nuuna - Lyre Makeup Red

Lipstick: !Soul - Tattoo Red Nuance 5 Style 2

Hair: Tukinowaguma - Nastassja

Location: Penumbra 360

Friday, August 14, 2015


Penumbra is working on a new retail venture called Penumbra Fashion 360. The second week of every month, our retail designers will release an exclusive item on the 2nd Thursday of the month, and from Friday to Sunday, we will create a whole new shopping experience for our consumers!

SlackGirl, Prism, Zanze, Las Bos, Lyrical B!zarre, Wicca's Wardrobe, Paisley Daisy, Nailed It! & Virtual Diva Couture

I'm wearing the Caprice Jacket and Nova Pants by Wicca Wardrobe.  The Caprice Jacket with shirt zips in the front with decorative sleeves.  This unique jacket length extends just below the hips.  The Nova pants matches the Caprice jacket with matching decorative side strips on the pants.  Both comes in five sizes and are sold separately.

Also at Penumbra 360 you will also be able to purchase accessories to go with any outfit you chose. 
 I'm crazy about the Nailed It shop.  There you find nails with mesh appliers for your favorite mesh body and standard avatar.  I'm wearing the Triple Pack Ethnic Set which comes with a texture changing hud.

So come visit us at the Penumbra 360.  If you need help with styling your outfits.  They have some great stylist available to assist you with suggestions. 


Jacket: Wicca's Wardrobe - Caprice Jacket Toasted Almond
Pants: Wicca's Wardrobe - Nova Pants Toasted Almond

Location: Penumber 360 

Nails: Nailed It - Triple Pack Ethnic Set

Hair: Vanity - Neox_1024 

Earrings: GeWunjo - Ronni

Ring: Lazuri - Maysoon - 

Shoes: Sky Main Store - Caution Shoes

Sunday, August 9, 2015

It's Not Over Yet - Audace Sirens Summer Nights Event

Audace Sirens Summer Nights Event had a wonderful fashion show on Saturday, August 8, 2015. Stunning designs were showcased by the awesome modeling team for this event.  I hope you were able to go and see fashion show.  

However, this event is not over yet.  Designer booths are still setup and you have time to go check out all the designer booths this event has to offer.  You will find everything from clothing, makeup, jewelry, shoes and more.

Make sure you go by the D2T Designs booth to check out this sexy dress I'm wearing called "Olivia".
Olivia is available in five (5) sizes along with a color changeable hud.  Your imagination call go wild with this color changeable hud to mix and match other accessories.

The Audace Sirens Summer Nights Event will continuing until August 15, 2015.  I've included a limo ride for your convinces.

D2T Designs - Olivia w/hud

Sunglasses: Arisaris - Azahara Fantasy Glasses

Jewelry: Dark Mouse - Vintage 50's Pearl & Diam Set

Handbag: Liv-Glam - Antigona Tote
(Sorry but longer available)

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Street Wear Live Presents Boheme by Belladonna Couture

Street Wear Live presents "Boheme" by Belladonna Couture.

Explore Boheme and Street Wear Fashion to the music of Jonathan Larson's musical, "Rent".

Sagia Monroe will guide us through the various Boheme and Street Wear styles, created by AbbyRose Abbot,
as seen through the eyes of the models.

"I like to think of my Bohemians as young, as radical in their outlook on art and life; as unconventional, and, though this is debatable, as dwellers in a city large enough to have the somewhat cruel atmosphere of all great cities." (Parry, 2005)

This is just one of the outfits that 
will be shown in this awesome shown at 


Outfit: Belladonna - Sweet Woman Boheme Meadow

Show Location: Street Wear Live

Hair: Entwined - Electra - Dark Brown

Shoes: Pale Empress - Severina Sandals

Jewelry: Lazuri - Kaya Necklace 

Hand Chain: Ryca - GN01 Gold

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Takes My Breath Away

Life is not measured

 by the number of breaths we take,

 but by the number of moments

 that takes our breath away..


Such a beautiful poem by an unknown author.  
It's very true that Life is not measured
by the breaths we take, 
but by the moments that 
takes our breath away.  

This lovely butterfly halter top
takes your breath away.
Made by Grumble is called
Summer Butterfly Purple 
and these cute wedge heels called
Beach Platforms.

Deep purple with artistic
butterfly design will go 
great with shorts, pants, or like the 
short mini skirt I'm wearing 
with a side split.

Both the Summer Butterfly Purple top and
Beach Platform shoes can be
purchased at the 

Make sure to mark your calendar for
August 8th, 2015 for the 
fashion show schedule to start at 11:00 A.M. SLT


Top: Grumble - Summer Butterfly Purple
Shoes: Grumble - Beach Platforms

Skirt: Stars Fashion - Jayden Skirt

Jewelry: Eclectica - Spring Pearls Set

Belly Ring: Glint Jewelry - Triple Diamond 

Monday, August 3, 2015

It's On And Popping

It's on and popping at the Audace Sirens Summer Nights Event.  I'm having the time of my life shopping at the different booths the designers have setup.  A lot of excellent designs to chose as you walk though the event.

I'm wearing this alluring gown by Heydra called Jane Gown.  A wide one shoulder strap gives lift to this stunning gown.  Form fitting trumpet style gown will make you look captivating.  I love the trumpet style gown giving me an elegant look and eye catching shape.

My headpiece is from FINESMITH, called Black Bride.  This was one of my little finds from their half price sale.   Love the black roses and silver horns with small branch veil over the eyes.  It gives my look an era of haute couture.

Audace Sirens Summer Nights Event is going on now until August 15, 2015.  Go by the event and then mark your calendar for the fashion show on August 8th at 11:00 am.


Gown: Heydra - Jane Gown

Head Piece: Finesmith - Black Bride

Hair: Tunkinowaguma - Kara Chocolate

Shoes: Lindy - Ginger in Black

Jewelry: Finesmith - Good

Makeup: Madrid Solo - Runway Designs - Leo's Love

Body: ABAR - eBody Mesh

Nicoline Dress At Audace Sirens Summer Nights Event

Another great find for me at the Audace Sirens Summer Nights Event.  I'm loving this fantastic little dress called Nicoline by D2T Designs.  This sweetheart off the shoulder drop waist dress has a lovely sheer fabric covering the full skirt.  You going to love the back of the dress, it has criss cross lacing at the bodice for closure.  Simply beautiful dress for the summer nights.

No outfit can go without shoes.  D2T Designs has shoes at the event too.  Check out Majestic by D2T Designs.  Nice comfortable platform shoe you can dress or down to wear with you favorites.  Both Nicoline dress and Majestic shoes come with color changer.  A great deal at a great price.

My handbag is from Shey.  It also is available with color changer for styling choices.  Maldiv is the name of this handbag.  Sunglasses by Arisaris, jewelry by Lazuri.

Fashion Show August 8, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. SLT


Dress: D2T Designs - Nicoline Dress w/color changer
Shoes: D2T Designs - Majestic Shoes w/color changer

Hat: Bliss Couture - White Lace Hat

Handbag: Shey - Maldiv Handbag w/color changer

Sunglasses: Arisaris - Azahara Fantasy Glasses

Earrings: Lazuri - Kaya
Necklace: Lazuri - Diona V1 Necklace 2

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Strolling Though Bourbon Street

It was such a beautiful Sunday today in New Orleans, LA.  Decide to get up put on my new outfit I bought at the Audace Sirens Summer Nights Event.  I found this cute tube top and jeans at the event by Moolala called the "Bobbi Outfit".  This was a great find for me cause you know I love purchasing more for my money.  The Bobbi Outfit has color changing hud's for the tube top, jeans, jewelry, and shoes.  Yes you read it right!!!  You can have a different look for every day of the week. 

You can even change the design on the front of the tube top also.  Neatly cuffed jeans with sexy platform stilettos.  My feet was hurting from the walking I was doing, but omg, I was looking great in this cute casual look.

Come see this cute outfit by Moolala, along with other great deals at the Audace Sirens Summer Nights Event.  It will be continuing until August 15, 2015.  And don't forget to mark your calendar for the awesome fashion show scheduled for August 8, 2015 at 11:00 am. slt.  See you there!!!


Outfit: Moolala - Bobbi Outfit w/ huds
Store Location: Moolala

Event Location: Audace Sirens Summer Nights Event

Hair: Eaters Coma - Hair 59

Handbag: PurpleMoon - Growl in Plum

Eyeshadow: Glamorize - Innocent 05

Lipstick: !Soul - Tattoo Purple 1

Shoenique Designs At The Audace Sirens Summer Nights Event

Shoenique Designs will be at the Audace Sirens Summer Nights Event, which started August 1st and will continue through August 15th.  Many designers will be setup at the event will exclusive designs made with you in mind.

This elegant black gown, called "Cher", was made with sheer lace accented with lovely fringes detailing the bust line of the gown.  Beautiful butterfly sleeves hang from the forearm looking like a black butterfly with arms extended.

This gown will be available for sale at the Audace Sirens Summer Nights Event.  It's a must have for addition to your formal attire.  "Cher" comes with Omega appliers.  Very sexy gown for the perfect evening out with a special someone.


Gown: Shoenique Designs/Unique Designs - Cher
Event Location:
Store Location:

Shoes: Sky Main Store - Tangled w/color hud

Hair: Argrace - Hairbase Megumu - Dark Brown

Eyelashes: Damned - My Perfect Eyelashes <3 
(Sorry Location No Longer Available)

Eyeshadow: !Musa - Eva 3

Lipstick: Angel Rock - deep Crimson