Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer Vacation Trip

Decided to take a summer vacation
for couple of days.  One of those 
last minute decisions.

I woke up this morning feeling
joyful and excited after completing classes.
Packed my luggage, showered, then dressed in 
my new outfit from !Soul.

I'm loving this new dress in summer paste colors and 
floral design in the front.  This lovely straight across 
tube dress has contrasting ruffles in the front, 
then tapers in the back of the dress.

Color hud allows you to change to 
color scheme of the dress, also the purse and shoes have a 
changeable color hud too.  Giving you at 
least twenty two options.

After admiring myself in the mirror, I put my Cocoa Island hat 
on,  by Lazuri, to help shade my eyes from the hot sun.

Added my Beaded Sugarlite jewelry set by Glint Jewelry, which is on
sale for 60L at the store now.  My sunglasses from Luxury with
nine color options.

Called for the door man to carry my luggage out
for me.  Where I waited for the taxi to the airport.


Dress: !Soul - Ruffle Mesh Outfit - Warmly Summer Mix

Hat: Lazuri - Cocoa Island
Bracelet: Lazuri - Cocoa Bracelet

Jewelry Set: Glint Jewelry - 60L Beaded Sugarlite

Sunglasses: Luxury - Sunglasses 9

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