Sunday, July 19, 2015

Little Bit of Sunshine

Little bit of Sunshine...

Sunday stroll through the park spending time with my beautiful son
Princly Jr.  

It's been really hot this summer with record high
temperatures across the country.  Lucky for me I 
bought this awesome hat at the Hair Fair.  

If you have the chance you should go see all the
wonderful displays and purchase something for a worthy cause.

Jr and I found this great park while I was on vacation.
Dressed in our summer shorts and flip flops, we are 
ready to play in the sunshine on the beautiful Sunday.


Short Set: Sweets Outfits - Kareena Jeans Shorts

Hat: Argrace - Bucket Hat/Tomoe - Dark Brown

Shoes: Diva's - Lolita Sandals - Red

Stroller: Funsies - intelliGrow Stroller - Green

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