Monday, April 13, 2015

Looking for Plums

As a child growing up in the south I couldn't wait for the plums to get ripe.
My older cousin and I would take our little bags to pick plums.
Our excuse to go picking would be so grandma could
make us some homemade plum jelly.  Mmmm good.

However, we would eat more than we picked for grandma and somehow 
I think she knew that would happen anyway.

Now that I'm older I still love to pick plums, only now I pick plum colors in 
my favorite outfits.  Like this new long casual maxi dress by G-Dubs Closet
called "Lovetta Silk" it's a beautiful mesh gown come in five sizes to fit you.
And five choices of color combinations too.

Gown: G-Dubs Closet - Lovetta Silk
Shoes: Pale Empress - Severina Mani Sandals
Hair: Tukinowaguma - Preen
Jewelry: Haysuriza - Ethnic Scale

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