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Sneak Peek At Express Yourself Show

The time has come for D2T Express Yourself Fashion Show. Mandy Bosshart has prepared some great designs to thrill your imagination.

Like this "Kohara" beautiful white kimono with red Obi  surrounding the waist.

Lovely detailed fabric of delicate silk flower designs  in the pattern of this kimono.  A color changing hud gives you an array of various colors.

Topping off my look with this beautiful crown jewel making me feel like  a Japanese Barbie doll.
Make your plans now to attend the show. "Express Yourself" May 3, 2015 at 12 pm slt Audace Skyline Stage.

Click Picture for Limo to Show
Kimono: D2T Designs - Kohara Hair: Tukinowaguma - Sorasoul w/Jewelry Jewelry: Lazuri - Sienna Earrings Shoes: Pale Express - Severina Sandals Fat Pack Poses: PosESion Photo Location: Shareta Osumai Infohub

G-Dubs Closet Raina Silk Jumpsuit

You'll look great in this cute new release Raina Silk jumpsuit. With halter style top in a checked pattern.  

Sexy Raina Silk Jumpsuit paired with Lamu Rockabilly Pumps

Big Summer floppy hat with Onyx Jewelry by Glint.  
Jumpsuit: G-Dubs Closet - Raina Silk Jumpsuit Jewelry: Glint - Onyx Skies Set Hat: Meli Imako - Mesh Summer Floppy Hat Shoes: Lamu - Rockabilly Pumps Sunglasses: B Barbie - Daneen Sunglasses Location: Bay City Arboretum of Rather Atypical Vegetation

Smitten Gown Spring

Sneak Peak Exclusive for Penumbra by Sky Summerwind, called Smitten Gown Spring.
This magnificent gown is beautifully done  with halter strap closure and lovely banded waist of draped material overlaying the detailed  fabric design in the gown.

The flex tail skirt adds a romantic look  to the gown with layers of  ruffles surrounding the gown.

You're sure to be the center of attention at  any occasion when you wear this gown.
Gown: Sky Main Store - Smitten Gown Spring Hair: Entwined - Electra with Hud Jewelry: Ryca - Gold Choker & Bracelet Location: Tequila Sunrise

Wheatly by Sky

Hello everyone, I been a little busy  the last couple of weeks and my  blogs has suffered for it.
I missed you all, so  I wanted to share this lovely outfit you can fine at Sky Main Store.
Now it's not often you can find an outfit you like with all the extras at one store.  Well take a look at this great find by Sky Main Store. This outfit comes with a changeable hud, with appliers for mesh bodies too.

Wheatly by Sky has a cute halter top you can mix and match for the Spring and Summer season.  It not only looks good with the matching mini skirt, but you can also pair with your  favorite pair of jeans, slink pumps, and  accessories too.

I bought this awesome jewelry set that included the bracelet, earrings and necklace.  I enjoy wearing jewelry that is unique and  can be worn with more than one outfit in my closet.
Also, don't miss her big fashion show coming up in  May called the "Beautiful You by Sky"  an L'Amour Production. I'll keep you posted on the set…


There was term that came out few years ago which described a person. Now this person was affected  by the behavior of another.
The term is called "Open". I meet this man, and Oh La La, I must say, He has me "Open"

Dressed in the mini dress with the split up  to my hip, letting him know  well, I can't say what I was letting him know. But he knows, wink.
Put on my shoes I've been waiting for  the Spring and Summer to arrive, so I could wear by Sexy Shoes from Finesmith.

Credits: Mini Dress: G-Dubs Closet - Open Mini Hair: Rezology - Sylph Shoes:FINESMITH - Loves Summer Stilettos

April Weddings

Five sugared almonds for each guess to eat, 
Reminds us that life is both bitter and sweet.
Five wishes for the new husband and wife...
Happiness, love, health, wealth and long life.

Gowns: D2T Designs - Alexia (L) Amlia (R) both with hud Hair: Emo-Tions - Daisy Jewelry: MG (Maxi Gossamer) - Honey Diva  Shoes: ..::ILLI::.. (Leaddesigner) Bellize Pumps w/hud Poem: Wedding, flowers, reception ideas

Looking for Plums

As a child growing up in the south I couldn't wait for the plums to get ripe. My older cousin and I would take our little bags to pick plums. Our excuse to go picking would be so grandma could make us some homemade plum jelly.  Mmmm good.
However, we would eat more than we picked for grandma and somehow  I think she knew that would happen anyway.

Now that I'm older I still love to pick plums, only now I pick plum colors in  my favorite outfits.  Like this new long casual maxi dress by G-Dubs Closet called "Lovetta Silk" it's a beautiful mesh gown come in five sizes to fit you. And five choices of color combinations too.
Credits: Gown: G-Dubs Closet - Lovetta Silk Shoes: Pale Empress - Severina Mani Sandals Hair: Tukinowaguma - Preen Jewelry: Haysuriza - Ethnic Scale

Color Me Project - Sophia Silver & Special Edition Lace Dreams

Sky's Color Me Project  Two more outfits you can find at the  Color Me Project going on now.
Sophia Silver  a beautiful gown with peek a boo lace along the sides and back of the gown. Prefect for a little sensual touch with long side split. Can be dressy or causal depending on the accessories chosen.
I'm wearing the new Glint Gemmed Slim Necklace and belly chain. I added Sky's Ariah Stiletto in Silver and the handbag was done by LG Antigona Tote

Also in the Color Me Project by Sky is this beautiful gown Lace Dreams. It's a special edition design you will only be able to find these designs  at the Color Me Project.
Lace Dreams is beautiful done in the silver with lace covering the gown.
You going to love the deep V shape cut in the  back of the gown.  Very pretty and delicate lace  will have you feeling as beautiful as the gown.

Credits: Gowns: Sky - Sophia Silver & Special Edition Lace Dreams Hair: Emo-Tions - Paris Earrings: Evica - Caged Pearl Necklace & Belly…


D2T "Arwen" dress & "Bone" shoes are among the new releases in store now.  Arwen has a color change hud to mix and match your style.  I like the suspenders and bow tie on this dress, and the buttons on the skirt are bold and stand out for attention.

The "Bone" shoes also come with a color change hud too, they will be great with this dress or pants of your choosing.  What I enjoy must about shopping at D2T is the variety in style and the ability to change my outfit color to my own liking.  I'm sure you have been like me, loving an outfit, however it didn't come in the color you wanted.  You won't have that problem with the outfits by D2T.
Credits: Dress: D2T Fashion - Arwen w/hud Shoes: D2T Fashion - Bones w/hud Hair: Emo-Tions - Kim Bracelet: Jiya - Mother of Pearl Poses: PosESion

Dukies Girl Silver

Sky has done it again!!! More wonderful outfits for Color Me Project. These I'll be showing you will start the 4th round of Color Me Project. They can only be obtained as an EXCLUSIVE item. You won't be able to purchase this item in the store.

This lovely two piece outfit has a beautifully decorative front design at the waistline.  The deep V neck cut show cleveage that is very complimentary to the bustline.  Hip fitting pants has string lace closure with tiny studs designs with belt loops.  Pants tapper to the leg and cuff.  The Dukies Stiletto are just a must have for your wardrobe made especially for this outfit.

Take a look at the great find at Glint Jewelry.  Side belly rings in platinum and onyx will really draw attention to those rock solid abs you been sweating in the gym to show off this spring and summer.

The pants fit low on the hips giving your deary air a little lift.  The Dukies Girl Stilettos are just gorgeous.  I love the way my legs look in these stilettos.  …

All That Glitters Mini Dress

The month of April is heating up with the new releases from G-Dubs Closet.  Get ready for some  hot parties in this little mini dress "All That Glitters Mini".

I'm feeling ready to shake it on the dance floor in this little mini.  Low cut in front and back with the mini dress in a hot sexy multi shades of aqua, black, green, and purple design.  You are sure to get noticed at any party in this little mini.
Dress: G-Dubs Closet - All That Glitters Mini Jewelry: Ryca - TWN Bracelet & LHG Choker Hair: Rezology - Sylph Nails: Sky Main Store - Unzipped Poses: PosESion

Evil Bunny Naughty

You know when I'm good, I'm very good. But when I'm evil,  Oh Boy, I'm an Evil Bunny.

Don't for get to go into Sky Main Store for the Evil Bunny Hunt,  going on now until April 15, 2015.
April 1st to 15 th 2 Grand prizes are included naugthty and nice There are also two decoy prizes in store for a total of 4 gifts for this hunt hunt info:
Pyjamas: Sky - Evil Bunny Naughty Hair: Argrace - Akira Location: Hazardous - Pool House