Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My Look For Today

I wanted to take time for myself today to go shopping, visit with friends and admiring the horses glazing.  I chose TwinkleBaubles Coat by Sky, to wear over my short shaking outfit.  The TwinkleBaubles coat keeps your body warm and blocks out the bitter cold.  I just love the fur collar and the decorative closures on the sleeves.  The coat has a tie belt at the waist and trimmed with white fur at sleeves and bottom of the coat.  I also like wearing the coat with my blue jeans or leggings for added protection from the cold.

I added Bittersweet boots by D2T Fashions which comes with a changeable color hud to match any outfit.  Bittersweet stops just below the knee, will look great with straight jeans or leggings.  Emo-tions hair called Shelly, it's a cute hairstyle combed back and held in place by thin hair band.  So now I'm ready for my casual look today.


Coat: Sky - TwinkleBaubles Coat
Boots: D2T Fashions - Bittersweet
Hair: Emo-tions - Shelly

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