Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ending The New Year In Style

It's almost the end of another year.  As I look back over 2015 at all the things I've had to endue and experience I'm praying that 2016 will be just as blessed as 2015 was for me and my wonderful family and friends.  It's an honor to blog for the fantastic designers here in Second Life.  Thank you for allowing me to showcase your beautiful creations here on Paris Fashion Show Blog.  Thank you also to those who follow my blog.  

Today I'm showcasing the elegant winter dress by Ghee.  Nikita was exclusively designed for the December round of The Instrument.  Beautiful woolen fabric with elegant designs printed into the fabric.  Fur collar surrounds the neckline of this lovely dress and comes with a matching fur hat.  

Nikita is just one of the exclusive designs featured at The Instrument by Ghee.  Be sure to check out the December Round of The Instrument for this elegant Dress.  The stop into Ghee Main Store for even more wonderful designs by Bea and Warm.  

Have a wonderful Happy New Year.  I must say goodbye to 2015 if was awesome, but not i'm saying hello to 2016, it's sure to be a stone blast too.  Muah, much love Happy New Year's Eve, and Happy New Year from my house to yours.

Outfit: Ghee @ The Instrument- Nikita Dress

Main Store: Ghee Main Store Location

Makeup: Blacklace Beauty - Visage Heroine

Hair: TuTy' - Tamara Retro

Boots: Sage - Tanya Boots

Photo Location:  Ghee Park

Sunday, December 27, 2015


Capture the moment in LaVian's Embraceable Cocktail or Party dress. You'll love the silken textures in the Poster 3 hud.  The crepe fabric has little crinkles and folds on the skirt and pretty bow in the front of the dress.  You going to love the way this off the shoulders cocktail dress.  Perfect for your New Years home party or party at your favorite lounge.

The Embraceable dress is just one of many great fines at LaVian&Co on their December Sales.  But hurry, only a few days left in December 2015.


Dress: LaVian AW1516 Essentials Embraceable Poster 3
Shoes: LaVian AW1516 Essentials Medanielle Pumps Bag 3

Hair: Emotions - Cassie

Skin: JUMO - Desiree Skin Cocoa
EyeShadow: JUMO - Glamurama Blue
LipStick: JUMO - Alexa Maravilha

Tights: Izzie's Sheer Tights Mesh & System

Jewelry: Lazuri - Perlline 
Bracelet: Lazuri - En tournant CFP

Don't Wait For The New Year To Get In Shape

It's a day couple of days after Christmas now and as usual I ate too much.  But what can I say, my sister cooks so good.  I decided to not put off getting back into shape for the new year.  I started today at the Rocka-Fit Gym.  This gym is totally amazing with everything you need to keep in shape or get into shape for the new year. 

My little sister Daneen had been telling me to come, but I gave her every excuse I could think of to keep from going, but this morning I surprised her and myself by getting self motivated to get dressed in my new workout outfit "Ingrid" by D2T Designs.  It was a great Christmas gift so I put it to good use this morning.   As with most of D2T Designs now it comes with a texture changing hud so I can have chic new look every day at the gym.  Cotton blended fabric so I stay cool and comfortable while getting my workout.  Not to mention ladies it's some fine men up in there, oh yes.

Keeping fit is not only a good way to look good, but it's beneficial in making sure your health is fit too.  So many times we put off things that will help us to stay healthy.  A lot of diseases we can avoid by simply doing exercises to keep our bodies fit.  With a little exercise you can help keep hypertension, diabetes and more illness from getting out of hand.  So get moving and don't wait for the new year to get in shape.


Outfit: D2T Designs - Ingrid

Hair: Boon - YNO421

Shoes: Big O - O-zone Streaker

Makeup: Blacklace Beauty - Visage Nude Smoke

Location: ROCKA-FIT

Friday, December 25, 2015

Casual Comfy Wear featuring D2T Designs Jeans & SHEY Sweater Fall

For all those ladies who love to be comfortable but stylish and chic.  I've got a 
great combination outfit for you.  I paired my straight leg denim jeans from D2T Designs called Katja #2, with SHEY Ramona Sweater Fall for a comfortable stylish look.

My Katjia jeans come with a texture hud with (8)eight denim textures.  Mesh body compatible for Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink.  My Ramona Sweater is just perfect for keep the chill off, also compatible with your mesh bodies including the TMP.  

Add your favorite pair of stilettos or boots and you ready to go.  Have fun
and enjoy your holiday.


Pants: D2T Designs - Katja @2 Pants

Sweater: Shey - Ramona Sweater Fall
Shoes: Shey - Quebec Stilettos

Hair: Phonenix -  Gracia Hair

Bracelet: Zuri Rayna - Cord Leather Bracelet

"Jadis"@ The Instrument

Ghee Jadis

This is a super special one! An animated Snow Gown with a bonus Snow globe with poses. The Snow globe will also be sold separately.

Available at The Instrument until Jan 6th.  Don't miss this stunning gown.


Gown: Ghee - Jadis Gown Set@ The Instruments

Main Store: Ghee Main Store

Hair: EMO-tions - Roberta

Location: Winter Scenes

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Winter Warmth You Can Mix And Match

Ramona Sweaters Fall & Plain

Winter is defiantly here now so you going to need the warmth of clothing to keep off the chills.  SHEY's New Released Ramona Fall and Ramona Plain are just what you need for your winter wardrobe.

Whether you pair the sweaters with jeans or skirts, you going to look stylish and chic.  Both are available in eight seasonal colors with fitted mesh included in each package for Belleze, Maitreya and Slink.

Grab these awesome winter sweaters now for yourself or to gift a friend.  Happy Holiday's.


Sweater: SHEY - Ramona Sweater Fall
Sweater: SHEY - Ramona Sweater Plain 

Hair: Dura - Boys&Girls #57
Hair: Dura - Girls*54

Headphones: VRSIONLODE - Pet Shop Unisex II

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Make Tiime For You During the Holiday

     Changing the way you think this holiday season is one way of coping with holiday stress.  Many people stress over last minute business details, last minute shopping and of course the holiday travel plans.  These things can be fun to a certain degree, but it's never fun to stress over them.  You only have a few more days before Christmas, so have a seat plan out your little list, but put a time limit of how much time you going to spend on each task.  Then arrange your to do list to make a date for you to do something fun.  

You have to take control over your to do list and not allow your list to take control over you.  It took me a long time to wrap my fingers around this nugget of advice, but I'm more happier now than I've ever been.  Once you have your list together then start doing what has to be done.  No sense in having a to do list if you never do anything.

 When your to do list gets close to your time for you.  Just stop.  Put everything away that has to do with your list.  Then get ready to do something special for yourself.  Taking control over your time is one key element that will help your life and your mental state be more healthier.

After a long day at the office I'm usually mentally exhausted.  I decided not to crawl into bed after work today, instead I meet friends at the Opera for a lovely play, then attended the awesome fashion show for Dirty Princess, once the show was over it was me time.  I dressed in my quilted jacket and freshly starched jeans by LaVian&Co called November Rain Bag 1.  November Rain keeps me warm and cozy while outside in the cold.  I'm having me time now, You should make time for you during the holiday, and everyday if possible.  

LaVian's November Rain Bag 1 available now at Designer Showcase until December 29, 2015.


Outfit: LaVian AW1516 Essentials November Rain Bag 1

Main Store: LaVian&Co Main Store

Hair: Damselfly Hair Salon - Julia Mesh

Shoes: LRD - Toxx High Heels

Bracelet: Zuri Rayna - Cord Leather Bracelet 

Watch: Ryca - Iced Gold

Friday, December 18, 2015

Run On Love

What can I say, he makes me weak.  
Has me saying yes when I need to say no.

I stand in the doorway dreaming of him.
His dark hair flying in the wind.

His warm touch makes me feel giggle.
Just like a teen would giggle with excitement.

Yes, it's true, he makes me,
..Run On Love.

LaVian's Run On Love available at Designer Showcase until December 29th.

Outfit: LaVian AW1516 Run On Love

Main Store: LaVian&Co MainStore

Hair: Sugarsmack Adara

Eyeshadow: SlackGirl Naja Shadow

Lipstick: JUMO Amanda

Nails: Meghindo's Slink High Gloss Color

Jewelry: Glint Jewelry: Centerstone Chains & Beads

Thursday, December 17, 2015

After.Spring Liana Mini Dress @ Designer Showcase

Artistic, high fashion, unique just to name a few things about this amazing design

Liana Mini Dress embraces the artistic side of me.  I love the way after.spring has mixed
bright colors with an vivid prints and asymmetric design.  

The solid bright shoulder corset gives definition to my shoulders.  
The high neck corset fits snugly around the neck and embraces the shoulders.

after.spring's Liana is available in two versions at Designer Showcase.


Dress: after.spring - Liana Mini Dress

Main Store: after.spring

Hair: Boon - KZK736

Shoes: SHEY - Lincoln

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

D2T Designs featuring Jelena

D2T Designs has been busy getting settled in to their new location, 
However, they have not forgotten about us for the holiday's.
If you're a party girl, then Jelena is for you.

This sexy cocktail dress reminds me that when I'm bad,
I'm bad,
but when I'm good, 
I'm just a bad.

Jelena is breath taking with it's thin spaghetti straps and 
deep plunging neckline giving the girls some
breathing room and the fellows, 
well, you get the point.

Stop by D2T Designs today for this sexy cocktail dress and more.


Dress: D2T Designs - Jelena No 1
Shoes: D2T Designs - Luscious

Hair: Bliss - Juicy

Jewelry: FINESMITH - Morning Star

Clutch Bag: Body&Beauty - Vanity Clutch

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

LaVian Moonlight In Vermont

Moonlight In Vermont

Moonlight In Vermont dress is available in three versions.  I'm wearing the solid texture pictured here.  Sassy short dress with plunging V neckline and belted at the waist.  I love versatility of the texture changing hud gives me for more styling options.

Version bag 2 texture uses print textures you are going to love.  Their Version bag 3 give a tie dyed fading texture of beautiful hues.  I love them all and I think you will too.

Available at the LaVian Main Store now.

Dress: LaVian&Co - Moonlight In Vermont Bag 1

Jewelry: Zuri Rayna - Embace Collection - Diamond/Light Gold

Hair: Boon MIE355

Sunday, December 13, 2015

SHEY's Babylon Shirt & Alice Jeans

SHEY has something special for you ladies. It's their Pleasure and Pain Series.  They have some awesome selections for you to chose from or be greedy and rack up on it all.  A couple of their new releases in the Pleasure and Pain Series is the Babylon Shirt.  Omg, it feels just like silk against your skin.  I really love the classic look of the Babylon shirt.   

Their Alice jeans are part of the Pleasure and Pain Series as well.  Belted jeans in stone washed denim colors you can dress up or down.  Both the Babylon Shirt and Alice jeans can be worn with your mesh bodies by using your mesh alpha.   The is great buy for you and you going to feel sexy and chic.

SHEY'S Pleasure & Pain Series featuring the Babylon Shirt and Alice Jeans.

Available textures for the Babylon Shirt are Black, Blue, Grey, Red and Tan.  Also available in Fatpack.  Their Alice jeans textures are Black, Blue, Dark Blue, Light Blue and Midnight.  Alice jeans are also available in fatpack. 


Shirt: SHEY - Babylon Shirt Fatpack
Pants: SHEY - Alice Jeans
Shoes: SHEY - Edmonton Stilettos

Hair: Tukinowaguma Ali

Jewelry: AmaccI - Stripes 

Friday, December 11, 2015

You Don't Know

Did you ever know
What it means to be heard?
Did you ever feel like a jerk?
Did you ever give up
On you pride
Just to have him by your side?
Well, if you don't know
What I'm talking about
You don't know nothing
You don't nothing
You don't know
You don't know nothing
About love

When the night time comes
Do your tears fall like rain
And in the morning, do they fall all over again
Tell me do you get down
On your knees and pray
That should never, never never go away

Well if you don't know
What I am talking about
You don't know nothing
You don't know nothing
You don't know nothing, nothing
About love
Oh love, hmm

Don't try to tell me
That I am out of my mind
'Cause anywhere the man goes
I'll be right behind

You don't know nothing
You don't know nothing, you don't know nothing
You don't know, you don't know
You don't know
You don't know nothing
You don't know nothing
Boy you don't know
You don't know nothing
You don't know
You don't know
Oh you don't know
You don't know, you don't know nothing
About love

You don't know nothing
About love
About love
About love
You don't know, oh oh, oh oh
You don't know nothing

About love


Outfit: Entice - Cold As Ice 
Boots: Entice - Cold As Ice 

Mainstore: Entice 

Hair: ploom - Mosch

Song: Jill Scott - You Don't Know

Taking Time To Love You

 What is this road? What is this journey? Who am I?  So many questions, so many parts of life that are unanswered, You want to know the whens, what's and whys.  We go about our daily lives in a hurry to take care of what is at hand at the moment, taking care of everything for everybody, only to leave yourself out of the process.

The end of the year is closely approaching us, the uncertainty of a new year will being.  If you like me I'm always making new years resolutions only to allow them to pass away into another year unfinished.  However, there is one resolution I do try to keep each new year.  That is making sure I take time for me.

So if you've been busy taking care of everyone but yourself, then take my advice and do something special for yourself.  Plan a day at the spa to have one of those tall dark and handsome men to massage those tense muscles in your shoulders, or go on a shopping spree for that dress which just went on sale you been had your eyes on.  Like this beautiful long red dress by Kaithleen called Marlene Long Dress exclusively made for Designer Showcase.  I love the way this dress makes me feel so feminine and sexy.  Thin spaghetti straps attached to a plunging neckline.  I love the way the fabric hugs my curves and then falls softly off the hips.

Finish off your stunning look with Zuri Rayna's Ava Collection V2 Diamond Gold jewelry set.  beautiful choker surrounds your neck with elegant diamonds with clusters of diamonds in pendant extended from a gold chain.  Matching earrings and bracelet will catch the attention of all.  I used DaneMarkZ's Blizzard Douche nails set with texture hud.  DaneMarkZ's Nails are exclusively made for Designer showcase.

Dress: Kaithleen's Mariene Long Dress
Nails: DaneMarkZ - Blizzard Douche 

Main Store: Kaithleen's Mainstore

Main Store: DaneMarkZ MainStore

Jewelry: Zuri Rayna Ava Collection V2 Diamond Gold

Hair: Boon KZK736

Monday, December 7, 2015

He Doesn't See the Beauty

He doesn't see the beauty
in the dark blue sky above.

He never took the time to 
stop and feel love.

He's like a breath of poison
lingering in my lungs,

he gives me nothing but his
darkness but wants me

to be his sun.

By Dark Poems

Dress the part in vivid purple hues for a sultry evening.  Finale Couture After Dark Jocelyn is just the dress for that sultry evening.  All eyes on you as you sway seductively in this sexy dress.  You can only get it at the December Designer Showcase.  Available in five sizes for your enjoyment and please.

Finish your sultry look with beautiful sparkling jewelry by Glint Jewelry Falling Snowflakes Set. This lovely set will add a tinkle in your eyes and a shine in the night.  You can find this Snowflakes Set in the Gingerbread Hunt.


Dress: Finale Couture- After Dark Jocelyn

Store Location: Finale Couture Mainstore

Hair: EMO-tions - Naomi

Makeup: Blacklace - Visage Nude Smoke

Jewelry: Glint Jewelry - Falling Snowflakes Set - Gingerbread Hunt Item

Shoes: Bens Boutique - Precious Heels Slink

My Little Snowman

Can you believe I'm still sitting here playing in the snow, built me a snowman.  Aww, he's so cute.  I think I done a great job building this snowman.   It's fun to play in the snow.  Packing the snow into a big huge ball to make the body of the snowman.  I guess it's just the kid in me when it snows to play in it.

It's really cold outside with the wind chill dropping below zero.  I was happy to see the snow I ran out the house without my tights on.  But good thing I have my heavy winter coat on and warm sweater.

LaVian's Essentials Still Sitting Here is at the Winter Trend 2015.  Don't miss it.  Comes with a texture changing hud to change the color of your sweater, jacket and skirt.  You can also wear this outfit with you Slink mesh body.  Just don't forget your tights when you go out.


Outfit: LaVian AW1516 Essentials Still Sitting Here

Main Store: LaVian&Co

Hair:  Vanity Mia Belle

Shoes: [LG] Boutique - Kilara Boots (No Longer Available)

Location: AnaMarkova Sim

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hot N Cold @ Designer Showcase

Winter is my favorite time of the year.  Mostly because I can put on enough clothes to keep warm, but can't take enough off in the Summer to be cool.  The only hot I prefer in the winter is looking hot in chic fashion baby.  I love to look sexy.  This Hot N Cold design by LaVian for Designer Showcase keeps my body warm, but also has me looking hot and sexy.

The jacket is made of a soft quilted nylon with front pockets and tie belt for closure.  Soft chic leather insulated pants with metal studs lining the sides and hem of the these chic pants.  You can add a turtleneck sweater underneath for added warmth for your outing.


Outfit: LaVian AW1516 Essetials Hot N Cold Bag 1

Hair: Emotion Winternight 

PSY City Stroll

This outfit is sure to grab the attention of those ladies that love great causal wear.  Introducing the Tanya Set with boots to match your outfit.  Available in Black, Blue, Mustard, Plum, Red, White textures. You will love long hip length tunic top belted at the waistline.  It's great for us girls with a little junk in our trunk back there.  Slim blue jean leggings that fit snugly inside the boots.  The Tanya Boots are lace up high heel boots that stops just below the knee.  The high heel lace up boots are available in colors you are sure to love such as: Beige, Blue, Brown, Grey, Mustard, Pink, Black, Green and Teal.  This comfortable casual set comes with the matching bracelet.  Saga really knows how to dress a woman.

I finished my look with Phe CrystalDrops Baubles Set.  Baubles Choker and Earring set has hand cut crystals artistically set in 18K gold.  I really love this set for it's versatility to wear with causal outfits or dress up that short mini dress for a party.  Either way you going to enjoy wearing Baubles.

Check out the December Showcase to purchase Sage's Tanya Set and Phe CrystalDrops Baubles.


Outfit: Sage - Tanya Set
Boots: Sage - Tanya Boots

Mainstore: Sage Main Store

Jewelry: Phe CrystalDrops - Baubles

Main Store: Phe CrystalDrops

Hair: Amacci - Isla

Glasses: VJ Eyewear - ani015

Friday, December 4, 2015

Look Winter Chic In AnaMarkova's Toyah

Feel comfortable and relaxed in this chic new sweater dress by AnaMarkova.  Exclusively designed for December's Designer Showcase.  Ladies who loves the feel of cashmere sweaters will love this chic sweater dress.  The Toyah Sweater Dress has a high turtleneck collar with long sleeves and thin Italian Leather belt.  Of course, no outfit is complete without proper shoes to step out in.  Toyah Chain Heels makes your feet look their best.  

The Toyah Sweater Dress is available in Ecru, Godiva and Rouge textures.  Come in five sizes and can be worn with some mesh bodies.  Toyah Chain Heels are also available in three textures.  Chocolate, Rouge and Taupe textures to match with your sweater dress.

Find the Toyah Sweater Dress and Toyah Chain Heels at Designer Showcase open now.  Awesome Christmas gift for yourself or a friend.


Dress: AnaMarkova - Toyah Sweater Dress
Shoes: AnaMarkova - Toyah Chain Heels Chocolate

Mainstore: AnaMarkova Mainstore Location

Hair: Amacci - Isla

Handbag: Bare Rose - Boni Brown (No Longer Available

Jewelry: Lazuri - Kaya Bead Necklace & Earrings

Thursday, December 3, 2015

LaVian@Winter Trend SL 2015

The Winter Trend SL 2015 starts December 4, 2015.  The the goal of this event is to introduce the main trends this winter.  Showing you what is in style for the winter season and what the designers are creating.

LaVian is just one of many designers who will be at the Winter Trend SL 2015.  Winter LoveSong was created for the Winter Trend.  The open front mock jacket in sweater knit fabric has a built in chop top.  Straight legs pants is belted at the waist.  Winter is sure to heat up with this sporty look.  Available on the hud are 36 Pantones textures for mix and match.  The outfit can be worn with your mesh body which is a big hit for me.  I'm loving the textures and sporty look of this outfit.

 Coming soon to the Winter Trend SL 2015 on December 4, 2015.

Outfit: LaVian AW1516 Essentials Winter LoveSong

Store Location: LaVian&Co

Hair: Vanity Ma Belle

Necklace: Lazuri Multi Stand

Earrings: Glint Jewelry December Group Gift - Diamond Earrings

Location: NeverLand Valley

Ghee's Lana

It is my pleasure to introduce one of Ghee's newest release for the December FAD Event. A rich mix of textures are available on the hud so you can chose your own choice of style.  Soft leather fabric with a fur stole joined on one shoulder.  Both the Lana dress and shoes are available in gold and silver.   I love the lace up detail on the Lana sandals. I put the stunning Ariel Elite jewelry set for a classical elegant style for a evening cocktail.   You will define the essence of sophistication for your holiday seasons with the Lana Dress and shoes.


Dress: Ghee Lana Dress
Shoes: Ghee Lana Sandals

Store Location: Ghee Main Store

Hair: CATWA Aimee

Jewelry: Zuri Rayna Ariel Elite V2a Collection

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


     Tis the season to be jolly.  Having the perfect outfit for those holiday parties are a must on the party woman list.  This time of the year people plan cocktail parties, formal family dinners and more festive activities that requires you to look your very best for the occasion.  MORE THAN EVER has made just such a cocktail dress to make your appearance a show stopper.  Stardust Gown Holiday was exclusively created for December's Designer Showcase Event.  

Being a native of the South Beach Area we love outdoor eating lounge seating overlooking the water way.  I was exploring the Ikaro Island doing some window shopping while waiting for my date.  I discovered a lovely outdoor eating lounge which reminded me of home.  When my date arrived he bought me a long stem rose and took this picture of me wearing my Stardust Gown Holiday.  I felt very feminine and pretty in my new cocktail dress.  

Stardust Gown Holiday is only available at the December Designer Showcase.


Dress: MORE THAN EVER - Stardust Gown Holiday

Mainstore Location: MORE THAN EVER

Eyeshadow: Blacklace - Visage Nude Smoke

Lipstick: Angel Rock Lipstick Dark Cherry Red

Necklace: Zuri Rayna - Poinsettia Crimson

Shoes: Diana Debevec High Society Solange Sandels

Location: Ikaro Island

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Winter Coats On Sale At Designer Showcase

Baby it's cold outside.
You have my brown eyes turning blue.

Baby it's cold outside.
Can't do nothing but think of you.

Baby it's cold outside.
Snow falling all around me, making me blue.

Baby it's cold outside.
You all in my mind,
but not in my arms.

Baby it's cold outside.

Ladies the December round of Designer Showcase has started today!! With the winter season here now you going to need you warm stylish coat to keep the cold off.  Entice has an exclusive coat for you at Designer Showcase.  Entice "Blue Eyes Blue Coat" pictured here in Plaid.  Entice has four versions of this warm stylish coat for you to pick your fave.  Each coat has a texture changing hud you can wear with or without the patterns.  And ladies you can wear your mesh bodies with it too, just use your alpha with it.

See you at Designer Showcase opening today!!  For more wonderful designs by Entice visit their store location.


Coat: Entice - Blue Eyes Blue Coat - Plaid

Store Location: Entice Main Store@Flawless

Hair: Vanity - Cohimbra

Earrings: Zuri Rayna - Ariel Elite

Boots: Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes - Karla Black

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Missy by D2T Designs

Looking for a comfortable stylish sweat suit? Or something to lounge around the house on those chilly days? D2T Designs has the perfect fit for you.  Missy 1 Basic allows you to be you. The neat texture changing hud allows you to mix and match your colors on the jacket and pants.  This stylish jacket you can layer it over a tank top, wear with your favorite sports bra, or as i'm wearing it with just the jacket.

I'm enjoying the warmth of this cotton blend fabric against my skin.  It keeps me warm as I do my walking for exercise, you know i have to keep my figure in tip top shape.  Or when I'm working out with friends at the local gym I know I'm in style with Missy 1 basic.

D2T Designs even has shoes with texture changing hud you can wear with your stylish new sporty outfit.  The Anyone gym shoes you will love being able to mix and match with Missy or any other outfit in your wardrobe.

D2T Designs has moved to a new and better location.  So go by and check out the new location.  While you there if you are not a member of the group yet, be sure to join her group or subscriptive to keep up to date with all that is happening at D2T Designs.


Outfit: D2T Designs - Missy 1 Basic
Shoes: D2T Designs - Anyone

Hair: Tukinowaguma - Ali

Friday, November 27, 2015

LaVian&Co 55 Thursday

Take a look at this sporty jersey pantsuit called Jersey Thursday.  Comfortable fit jersey outfit come in three different versions on hud.  This sporty set is complete with jacket, top and pants.  Available in five sizes with fitmesh and appliers.

I love having the options to change up my outfits by mixing and matching the colors and patterns that the Jersey Thursday gives.  You can chose hues that are great for holiday party time to casual wear.  Either way you going to love the look and feel of jersey fabric against your skin.


Outfit: LaVian AW1516 - Essentials Jersey Thursday Bag 1
          LaVian AW1516 - Essentials Jersey Thursday Bag 2
          LaVian AW1516 - Essentials Jersey Thursday Bag 3

Hair: Sugarsmack Adara

Necklace: Chop Zuey Couture - Heart & Soul

Earrings: Ryca - Hoop De Gold

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

LaVian AW1516 - Essentials Shiny Stockings Dress

Make a cool play on proportion with this chic new release by LaVian&Co called Shiny Stockings Dress.  Deep plunging neckline with side opening makes this chic outfit extra sexy.  The cool flow of textured shiny fabric flows over the hips with an embroidered waistband.

Tight stretch fitting leggings gives the legs a slender shape.  Shiny Stockings Dress is available in three versions with each having a texture changing hud.  Available in five sizes for standard, fit mesh and appliers for mesh body.

Complete the look with a great pair of high heels like the Lindy Pumps by LaVian&Co.  They are available in fatpack and available in three versions to chose from too.  Pictured are Lindy's Fatpack 2.    


Dress: LaVian - Aw1516 Essentials Shiny Stockings Dress Bag 1
Shoes: LaVian - Aw1516 Essentials Lindy Pumps Fatpack 2

Hair: Vanity Morea 

Handbag: SHEY - Kenttucky Handbag

Necklace: CHOP ZUEY COUTURE - Kinshi - Bai Necklace 

Glasses: Arisaris - Azahara Fantasy Glasses w/Hud

Take The A Train

"Take the 'A' Train was a classic jazz tune by Billy Strayhorn that was the signature tune of Duke Ellington's orchestra.  It was considered to have been one the most famous of the many compositions from the collaboration of Ellington and Strayhorn.
The use of the Stayhorn composition as the signature tune was made necessary by a ruling in 1940 by the American Society of Composers and Publishers.  When the licensing fees for broadcasting use could no longer play their compositions over radio, as most music was played live on radio at the time.  Ellington turned to Billy Strayhorn and son Mercer Ellington, to write a whole new book for the band.  Mercer recalled "A' Train was one of many songs written by Strayhorn, and was picked to replace the former signature song.

It's reported that Ellington hired Strayhorn as a part of his writing team.  Ellington wrote instructions for Strayhorn directions for his house by subway, directions that began, "Take the A Train".

Ahh, a lovely jazz tune of this song can be heard on YouTube.  LaVian's "Take The A Train" is a classic floral print dress that is just as lovely as the class tune it's named after.  Very jazzy chic styling that is belted at the waistline with a thin leather belt. The dress is available with a texture changing hud for you to mix and match.  Medanielle pumps are available in a fatpack, three options to chose from with texturing changing hud.

My styling of this jazzy chic classic dress consists of a high pinned updo with colorful bow to match the pastel pink in the dress.  Along with LaVian's Medanielle pumps Fatpack 3.

Completing the look is Noel Garnet Steel jewelry set.  Elegant gemstones align the neck with clusters of deep garnet stones.  I'm dressed to Take the 'A' Train in classic style.


Dress: LaVian - AW1516 - Essentials Take The A Train Bag 1
Shoes: LaVian - Aw1516 Essentials Medanielle Pumps Fatpack 3

Hair: Vanity - Trop Mignon

Glasses: Arisaris - Azahara Fantasy Glasses w/Hud

Lipstick: BlackLace - Jelly Lipgloss

Jewelry: Zuri Rayna - Noel Garnet - Steel

Wikipedia: Information on "Take the 'A' Train tune history

Monday, November 23, 2015

Aida Mini Dress Short & Sassy

One of the new releases by SHEY, the Aida Mini Dress.  This sassy short mini dress is belted at the waist with thin Italian leather belt.  This sassy short mini dress is available in eight seasonal textures.  Their are five sizes to chose from including fitmesh, and appliers for you mesh bodies.

What I love about SHEY's Aida Mini Dress it gives various styling options.  I can put a turtle neck sweater underneath the dress, add my favorite pair of tight with a a pair of boots for a neat fall into the winter season.  But if you live in a warm climate as I do, you can wear Aida Mini Dress with your sandals or pair the mini dress with a lovely pair of high heels.

Stop into SHEY for this sassy short Aida Mini Dress.  While you are their be sure to check out their fabulous shoe department and handbags.


Dress: SHEY - Aida Mini Dress

Hair: Vanity - Sunset Blvd

Mug: Pamela Galli - Mug of Coffee - Rose Sipping

Friday, November 20, 2015

Put Your Big Girl Stilettos On!

Trying to be someone you are not will only cause you to be unhappy in your virtual world life. Who wants to deal with drama in the real world only to come to your virtual world and deal with the same. It's not worth coming if you can not be happy in what you are doing here. Now grant it, there are some lifestyles you are involved with that may require you to dress in an appropriate manner for the job.  But when that job is over your life should be yours to live the way you so chose.  Many of us live a double lifestyle here because we can and we want too.  There are some really cool things to try here in our virtual world.  The beautiful part of living in a virtual world is the freedom to be the person you want to be.

This is a place where most of us come to enjoy the freedom, to escape the real drama, to have that friend to talk to cause you are bond in doors unable to get out into the main stream of social life.  It may sometime be a caregiver taking care of a loved one and this virtual world holds the key to a moment of happiness.

My point is that we are all here for various reasons and should learn to respect the freedom it gives to so many.  Regardless of the lifestyle they enjoy in this virtual world.  It's wrong to pass judgement on someone.  I was reading something on facebook one evening where apparently someone had been hurt by something that was said to them.  It caused my heart to ache for there suffering and for the pain that was clearly in their heart as they exploded with angry words.  I'd like to offer to them a solution to those who find themselves being judged because of the way they play their virtual entertainment. And the key word is THEIR entertainment, I say to you, to put on your big girl high heel stilettos.

Because first of all, you pay your own rent to live in this virtual world, and for those who seems to want to criticize you for your enjoyment, as my aunt use to say, rest her soul.  If they not paying the cost to be your boss, then put them high heel stilettos on, don't sweat the small stuff.  I have just the right high heel stilettos for you.  You can find them at SHEY, he newly released "Lincoln Stilettos".

Sexy five inch high heel platform stilettos makes me feel sexy and a little mischievous, giggles. I'm sure they will do the same for you.  Available with a texture changing hud to mix and match with you outfits.  Now you know with a great sexy pair of shoes you need a special handbag to set it off.  I suggest the versatile tote handbag with leather handles for durability, with a textures changing hud that gives you the option for transparent texture.  It also allows you to remove the magazines if you so chose. You can get really creative with this handbag and it's the perfect complement for the Lincoln Stilettos.

Go purchase you Lincoln Stilettos and Kentucky Handbag at SHEY today.  Then pull on a nice pair of nylon stockings by SHOP Toshy, you favorite outfit and then rock it.


Shoes: SHEY Lincoln Stilettos
Handbag: SHEY Kentucky Handbag w/texture change

Stockings: SHOP Toshy Pantyhose

Hair: JUMO  Vivien Hair