Thursday, December 4, 2014

Only Happy When It Rains

I'm a big college football fan.  Especially when it come to certain teams playing each other.  Like the Iron Bowl with Alabama Crimson Tide against the Auburn Tigers.  I have to give proper credit to the Auburn Tigers for their powerful efforts this year against the victorious Alabama Crimson Tide.  It was a game that kept me on my feet off and on between interceptions, and fondles. When Auburn was leading in the first half of the game I was praying it would rain so hard that Auburn wouldn't be able to hold the ball, or it would cover up the tears in my eyes from having talked all kind of trash talk to my the local people who are die hart Auburn fans.  

Regardless of who was going to win the game I was comfortable and looking great in my outfit called "Only Happy When It Rains" the loose fitting jacket was perfect for the weather.  Lightweight jacket with a white tank top and belted stone washed jeans with a cuff turn up just in case it rained, I wouldn't get my pants all wet.  I wore my Otaku Cap to keep the hot sun out my eyes so I would not miss one call the referee made in this game.   I might looked like a little tomboy game day, but I was cute one .  As it turned out Alabama Crimson Tide took home the gold, yay, ROLLLLLL  TIDEEEEEE, WOOT.

Ok, so I got a little excited then.  

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Pantsuit: [LG] K Collection - Only happy When It Rains
Hairbase: Emo-tions - 4 darkbrown
Hat: [KA] - Otaku Cap
Shoes: (((Big O))) O-zone - Streaker
Skin: !Soul Boho - Truffle
Jewelry: Ryca - Global Gold Necklace
Makeup: !Soul - Lipsticks Tattoo Red Nuance 4 Style 2

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