Monday, December 8, 2014

My Mesh Body Experience

Hello all, and greetings to you for the Holiday's.  As a model you know how clustered your closet can get when you contantly are buying accessories and other things you need or want.  So in your spare time you try to get organized again.  In organizing my closet I found items I had purchased but never worn.  Of course that describes over half of the Second Life population right.  Well I discovered my Wowmeh Mesh Body that I had never tried.  So having some relaxation time today I decided to take the time to unpacked the box and read the instructions, then proceeded to put on my body.

The first process was to put on the alpha layer for the body along with the clothing hud.  I was surprised to learn as I continued to read the instructions, that the Wowmeh can be own with my own shape and modifiable also.  The Wowmeh 3.1 is made with a fitted mesh technique.  I put the shape on I wanted to use with the Wowmeh, and lucky for me my skin comes with a Wowmeh Skin Applier.  I proceeded to shape my face to my liking, applied my !Soul Boho Truffle Skin to my shape, then dressed myself with [LG] K Collections Jessyca outfit.

The multicolor of the Jessyca outfit can be worn with different color leggings.  It's a great look for the winter months ahead.  Pair with a great pair of boots or your favorite high heels.  Good thing i was just standing outside in front of the vacation cabin to take a picture my feet was getting cold.  Smh at myself.

I finished the look with Heavenly Skies in white by Glint Jewelry & Accessories.  This set also comes in a turquoise color too.  Omg, the white stone and beautifully hand crafted silver wings goes great with this outfit.  Can also be worn with an elegant gown.  

I'm enjoying my Wowmeh body, glad I took the time to start organizing my closet, who knows what I'll discover in there next that i haven't worn yet.  Hope you enjoyed my little experience with the mesh body.  

Body: Baby Ghosn - Wowmeh Version 3.1
Pantsuit: [LG] K Collection Jessyca Sweater Set
Hair:Tukinowaguma - Ali Brown
Jewelry: Glint Jewelry & Accessories - Heavenly skies in White
Shoes: Edenia - Davina Pump
Poses: R.cilli - - Cute pose 1/05
Location: Rose Thorn Isle

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