Friday, December 19, 2014

The Hepburn Look

Hello everyone, I just had to have this outfit by Java Fashion Designs, called "Hepburn Mid Evening".  The dress makes me look sexy and gives me the feeling of power and control.  It's a slim fitted dress with a floral design at the bottom that angles down from the left side giving dimension  to the dress.

The dress is just the right outfit I needed for a special evening with a friend at his beach house.  But that is another story...back to the dress, lol.  The sleeveless dress has a nice cut neckline with a beaded necklace that is attached to the dress.

I'm loving this wide brim hat which comes with the dress and also sunglasses that reminds me of the famous actress/model Audrey Hepburn.  A classically outfit you will have a great time wearing.  I paired the outfit with slink high heels by D2T Fashions called Freedom.  Freedom comes with a color hud that allows endless possibilities for any outfit.

Drop on by Java Fashion Designs and D2T Fashions to check out their latest outfits.  Many outfits to chose from and I know you going to find the prices to be as lovely as the products they both create.  So until next time have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New year.


Dress: Java Fashion Designs - Hepburn Mid Evening Outfit
Shoes: D2T Fashions - Freedom w/color hud
Hair: Exxess - Laima A
Makeup: !Soul Boho - Truffle
Poses: Possession

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

G-DUBS Closet On Ice

Hello to all of you.  I'm so excited about the G-Dubs Closet On Ice Holiday event.  The time has finally arrived Sunday, December 21st, 2014 at 3pm slt.  Vona and Greg, owners of G-Dubs Closet have been very busy creating some great outfits for the beautiful models to showcase.  It's a pleasure to present just one of the many outfits which will be in the show on Sunday to you.  I'm wearing Danielle Mesh Cocktail Dress in black/silver.

Danielle Mesh Cocktail Dress has a beautiful see through lace with tintable nipple covers you can match the dress or your skin tone.  Fitted waistline with a cute bow in the front, with a flare skirt draping over the hips.  It has a teardrop closure in the back with a criss cross straps at back waistline.

Zuri Rayna will be one of our sponsors for the show that evening.  I just love this necklace set called Czarina, it's black diamond and white pearls goes great with Danielle or it can be worn with a gorgeous low neck gown too.  

Also sponsoring the show will be Bax Coen, who will be providing the beautiful skates for our female models,  L&N Signature Designs, will be providing skates for our handsome males models and L'Amour Productions,who without a doubt has helped to make this show a success with there training for directing and promoting shows.  This show will be April Sue and yours truly graduation show from this class.  Special thanks to all of our sponsors.

I'd like to thank April Sue, Ava Jhamin and of course this could not have been possible with the creative minds of Greg & Vona and our wonderful models for bring this show from an idea to a reality.

This show is going to be an amazing show with our beautiful ladies and gentlemen dressed in G-Dubs Closet's creations.  Please come be a part of this great show on Sunday, December 21, at 3:00 pm slt.


Dress: G-Dubs Closet - Danielle Mesh Cocktail Black/Silver
Jewelry: Zuri Rayna - Czarina
Lazuri - Diona
Hair: Dura - Girl 54
Shoes: ILLI - Bellize Pumps
Poses: Posesion - Madeleine 
Glamorize - Head shot
Location: Vinny's Seaside

Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas at the Winter Holiday Villege

Hello everybody, hope you are all having a fantastic holiday season.  It's been a long year for me so I've decide to take some time for family and me at the Christmas and Winter Holiday Village.  It's a beautiful place to come enjoy the cozy cabins, a ski lodge, and ice skating for the family.

I couldn't wait to wear my new boots Bittersweet *mesh* by D2T.  Omg, they come with a color hud giving you endless options for styling any outfit you want to style.  You can even change the color of the cross on the side of boots, it's just a great buy.

A special friend of mine gifted me with this cute skating skirt by Vitrimi called Skater Skirt.  It is also sold with a hud including four different Aztec skirts.  A nice sexy flow of the material over the hips and a little flare to it.  Just loving the colors in this skirt gives me a number of styling options to put with it like sweaters, or like my jacket Red Label Raging Fire jacket in black by [LG] KCSP14, and of course it goes great with my new Bittersweet Boots.  

I just bought some new jewelry too for my vacation trip from Glint Jewelry & Accessories called Gemmed Snowflake & Bells.  Beautiful snowflake design with small gems surrounding it and little bells attached to a silver necklace, hmm sounds like the song, silver bells, hear them ring.

Well, I'm all unpacked and ready to start my vacation time.  

Mandy Bosshart is designer and owner of D2T she has some amazing new outfits and omg the shoes are gorgeous.  So stop by D2T today for some great shopping for the holiday's.  See you in a couple of days.


Boots: D2T - Bittersweet
Jewelry: Glint Jewelry & Accessories - Gemmed Snowflake & Bells
Jacket:[LG]KC - Red Label Raging Fire
Skirt: Vitrimi - Skater Skirt
Socks: [G/C] - Snowey Socks
Poses: IsoMotion - Haute Stand Normal 2
Exposeur - I Love Being A Girl

Monday, December 8, 2014

My Mesh Body Experience

Hello all, and greetings to you for the Holiday's.  As a model you know how clustered your closet can get when you contantly are buying accessories and other things you need or want.  So in your spare time you try to get organized again.  In organizing my closet I found items I had purchased but never worn.  Of course that describes over half of the Second Life population right.  Well I discovered my Wowmeh Mesh Body that I had never tried.  So having some relaxation time today I decided to take the time to unpacked the box and read the instructions, then proceeded to put on my body.

The first process was to put on the alpha layer for the body along with the clothing hud.  I was surprised to learn as I continued to read the instructions, that the Wowmeh can be own with my own shape and modifiable also.  The Wowmeh 3.1 is made with a fitted mesh technique.  I put the shape on I wanted to use with the Wowmeh, and lucky for me my skin comes with a Wowmeh Skin Applier.  I proceeded to shape my face to my liking, applied my !Soul Boho Truffle Skin to my shape, then dressed myself with [LG] K Collections Jessyca outfit.

The multicolor of the Jessyca outfit can be worn with different color leggings.  It's a great look for the winter months ahead.  Pair with a great pair of boots or your favorite high heels.  Good thing i was just standing outside in front of the vacation cabin to take a picture my feet was getting cold.  Smh at myself.

I finished the look with Heavenly Skies in white by Glint Jewelry & Accessories.  This set also comes in a turquoise color too.  Omg, the white stone and beautifully hand crafted silver wings goes great with this outfit.  Can also be worn with an elegant gown.  

I'm enjoying my Wowmeh body, glad I took the time to start organizing my closet, who knows what I'll discover in there next that i haven't worn yet.  Hope you enjoyed my little experience with the mesh body.  

Body: Baby Ghosn - Wowmeh Version 3.1
Pantsuit: [LG] K Collection Jessyca Sweater Set
Hair:Tukinowaguma - Ali Brown
Jewelry: Glint Jewelry & Accessories - Heavenly skies in White
Shoes: Edenia - Davina Pump
Poses: R.cilli - - Cute pose 1/05
Location: Rose Thorn Isle

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Only Happy When It Rains

I'm a big college football fan.  Especially when it come to certain teams playing each other.  Like the Iron Bowl with Alabama Crimson Tide against the Auburn Tigers.  I have to give proper credit to the Auburn Tigers for their powerful efforts this year against the victorious Alabama Crimson Tide.  It was a game that kept me on my feet off and on between interceptions, and fondles. When Auburn was leading in the first half of the game I was praying it would rain so hard that Auburn wouldn't be able to hold the ball, or it would cover up the tears in my eyes from having talked all kind of trash talk to my the local people who are die hart Auburn fans.  

Regardless of who was going to win the game I was comfortable and looking great in my outfit called "Only Happy When It Rains" the loose fitting jacket was perfect for the weather.  Lightweight jacket with a white tank top and belted stone washed jeans with a cuff turn up just in case it rained, I wouldn't get my pants all wet.  I wore my Otaku Cap to keep the hot sun out my eyes so I would not miss one call the referee made in this game.   I might looked like a little tomboy game day, but I was cute one .  As it turned out Alabama Crimson Tide took home the gold, yay, ROLLLLLL  TIDEEEEEE, WOOT.

Ok, so I got a little excited then.  

***Only Happy When It Rains is available in five sizes.  Take time to go by [LG] K Collection today purchase this cute casual outfit, then shop for some more great deals.


Pantsuit: [LG] K Collection - Only happy When It Rains
Hairbase: Emo-tions - 4 darkbrown
Hat: [KA] - Otaku Cap
Shoes: (((Big O))) O-zone - Streaker
Skin: !Soul Boho - Truffle
Jewelry: Ryca - Global Gold Necklace
Makeup: !Soul - Lipsticks Tattoo Red Nuance 4 Style 2

Hearts Don't Break Even

Anna Sui is a wonderful designer who combines art and attitude to form breath taking creations.  Ms Sui has used an array of patterns, prints, and solids spinning the fashion wheels of success.  Her creative art form then turns it into her art canvas on cloth. She is one known for her ability to take her designs and in the words of Wikipedia, transcend eras with historical and culturally inspired collections.   And was also named one of the top 5 fashion icon's of the decade.  Too present my version of an Anna Sui design I've chosen "Hearts Don't Breakeven" dress by [LG] DE Boutique.  

The front panel has layers of different patterns in blues and dark lavender.  I've loving the high neck collar in solid black.  Topped with a short waisted jacket that can be removed and worn with another item in you wardrobe.   A beautiful floral design gives definition to this short waisted jacket.  This outfit is beautiful enough to help you piece your heart back together.

Hearts Don't Breakeven is available in five sizes.  So make you way to [LG]DE Boutique while qualities last.


Dress: [LG]DE Boutique - Hearts Don't Breakeven
Hair: Emo-tions - Cameron
Shoes: [LG] Boutique - Kilara Boots
Jewelry: Ryca - Huggie Earrings
Necklace: Glint Jewelry - Heavenly Skies in white
Skin: !Soul Skin - Boho Truffle
Eyelashes: Crissy Designs - Irresistible Look 
Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise - Pale Hazel
Makeup: Madrid Solo - Soft Sacrifices - Silver
!Soul - Lipstick Tattoo - Red Nuance 4 Style 2
Poses: Meshudio .v2