Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Shhh, Come Here!!!!

Come over here, I have something to show you!!!!

                          Shhhh, you can't talk to loud now......

But would you like a snick peek at what is in the G-Dubs Closet Hunt?

Omg, This cute hooded jacket called "Betthany Hooded Jacket", and 

guest what?  The matching "Betthany leggings are going to be in the hunt too.

Now I can't tell you everything that is going to be in the Hunt,

But I suggest you be in line on November 18th when the doors open.

There are prizes to be given away to the first three females and males to 

finish the hunt!!!!

Shhhh, so hurry to G-Dubs Closet for the Hunt.

Oh yeah, Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hunting.


Jacket: G-Dubs Closet - Betthany Hooded Jacket
Leggings: G-Dubs Closet - Betthany Leggings
Purse: G-Dubs Closet - Women's Leather Handbag
Boots: HollyHood - Holly Champagne Working Boots
Jewelry: Ryca - Mabe Long Gold Necklace

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