Saturday, October 11, 2014

Choosing the Right Skin for the Fall and Winter

I've picked up so many great tips from my modeling instructors and modeling friends on choosing the right skin tone for the season.  Since the fall and winter is season is upon us now, our skin tones should be a little lighter than the skin tones used for the spring and summer.  I've chosen for the fall and winter season "!Soul Skin Bobo1 -Truffle Skin Tone".  Soul's Truffle Skin tone is a shape lighter than my usual bronze tone I usually wear.  Good quality skin is a must for a professional model.

As a professional model you want skin find skin tones that are natural if all possible.   With a natural tone, applying makeup from different designers, will give a more defined finish to your look.  By the way, I'm loving this sweater by ColdLogic "Feyer.Alpha", just what I needed to keep me warm on my walk in the park.

ColdLogic's Feyer.Alpha Sweater comes with shirt and sweater in five sizes.  Great for a casual look to put with a pants or a skirt, either way it looks good.


Skin:!Soul Skin Bobo 1- Truffle
Sweater: ColdLogic - Feyer.Alpha
Pants: ColdLogic - Wheaten.Alpha
Hair: Emo-tions - Anna
Jewelry: GeWunjo -Ronni

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