Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Beauty Women Come In All Sizes

Hello again to all my followers and friends.  I meet a man a few weeks ago and we had an interesting conversation.  One that is similar to what is discussed in the real world when it comes to fashion.  Often times we showcase the thin beautiful models but rarely do we see designers showcase for the beautiful plus size women.   Thunder's Boutique caters to not only the regular size models we are use to seeing, but he has a new line of outfits for our lovely ladies who prefer the plus sizes.   It gives me great pleasure to introduce his model, Mrs. Venom, wearing "Jackie Red".

FastEddie69 is the designer and owner of ThunderStorm Boutique.  "Jackie Red" is a cute little one piece outfit with long sleeves back of the neck closure, backless to show off a curvy figure in good taste.  This mini dress is only one of the many outfits he has in his boutique.  Take a moment to stop by ThunderStorm Boutique and find you something cute to wear.  Thank you Mrs. Venom for allowing me to photograph you wearing "Jackie Red".


Dress: ThunderStorm Boutique - Jackie Red
Hair: Colleen - black ponytail
Jewelry: Bonia - Lip Ring
Necklace Set: Vooh Una Yello
Shoes: Dirty Princess - Naughty Courture Princess Heels

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