Wednesday, October 22, 2014

An Amazing Walk Through Time Featuring Glam Dreams Designs

The Model's Workshop Fashion-5 was a huge success this past Sunday evening.  showcasing designs from Glam Dreams by Sandytpr Lysette.  Glam Dreams is the third show of five in the Fashion-5 series of shows at Model's Workshop, where they spotlight a different designer or brand each month for five months, with five beautiful and energetic models.

The Director and Producer of the Model's Workshop Fashion-5 presenting the Glam Dreams show was AbbyJean Resident and the Executive Producer of the show was Jena Adder. AbbyJean wore the green "Falling Into You" and Jena Adder showed off the black version of the gown "Falling Into You".

AbbyJean, Director and Producer

Jena Adder, Executive Producer

  A little bit of history on the talented designer and owner of Glam Dreams creations, Sandytpr Lysette.  Sandytpr Lysette started her walk of frame into the world of Second Life in 2009. She enjoyed an extremely successful modeling career in the Second Life Fashion Industry, eventually retired from modeling and began working in retail fashion.  The owner of the store where Sandy was the General Manager quickly recognized her designing and styling passion and prompted her to start her own store. Glam Dreams was born on March 3, 2013.  Glam Dreams sells a variety of  amazing design styles from cocktail appeal, gorgeous gowns, to beautiful pant suits.

Sandytpr took us on a wonderful journey into time with her amazing designs at Sundays fashion show.  From the era of the 70BC to the future fashion designs.  Showcasing these awesome creations were model with various degrees of experience showing off their creative talent of styling.  Performing before an audience with standing room only.  The house was packed with people to see this fabulous show designs of Glam Dreams.

We began this journey through time with various fashion era's of days gone by to the future of fashion today and those that are yet to come.  The first model to dazzle us on the runway wearing, " Cleopatra", was Suki Rexen Barrowstone, owner of Dallas Modeling Company and Dallas Modeling and CEO of Model's Workshop.

Cleopatra was queen of ancient Egypt, and one of the most famous female rulers in history. Suki  displayed "Cleopatra" with as much elegance as a queen in this long flowing off the shoulder gown with a long sash attached that hung softly in the back.

I've always loved the stylish flare of the roaring twenties.  Jaily graced us on the runway wearing "Gatsby Yeriak Black and White lace Gown". This gorgeous black and white gown was one of my favorites in the show.  Pretty lace details in the gown takes you back into the roaring twenties.  Can just imagine yourself on the dance floor or leaning against a grand piano belting out a song.

Ohh la la, can't forget the era of the forties, with sexy pin up A-line dresses, peep-toe shoes, sleek victory roll and pin curl hairstyles was the rage of the era.   Jazmine is wearing the cute and sexy dress "Gatsby Yeriak" dress complete with hat and gloves.

Arianna dazzled the audiences with this breathing taking beautiful red gown with spiderweb designs.  "Intrigue" lives up to it's name.  It's sweetheart neckline and matching gloves commanded attention.

Petra looked amazing in "Shantal Red".  This long beautiful off the shoulder gown dazzled in the light with multicolored layers of ruffles flowing and the sexy split on the side of the gown really makes it more darling.

Jaily was ready for the future fashions in Glam Dreams "Hunger Games Iana". A cute strapless mini dress with black gloves and winged shoulder straps.  The ribbed cage gave an interesting touch to the outfit and matching black attachment for the hair.

Petra shows off "D&G Polka Dot Coat" belted at the waist with front pockets lined with gold buttons.  A chic coat with long sleeves will look great for the season.

Suki was wearing the "D&G Flowered Coat" is just like the previous coat.  The flowered print on the coat has beautiful colors lets you add some leggings or boots to keep you warm for those cold days.

The audience was entertained with a routine choreographed by Babypeavonphoenix Bikergrr. The lovely models of joined Babypeavonphoenix dancing.  They wore the short and sassy outfit named Andanza. The gloves and the hat with veil are included with this shimmering sequined mini dress.  The shoes are a custom made for the routine by creator Lexa Zifer of Pizzazz Modern 

I wish I could have shared all the beautiful designs with you from the fashion show Sunday, However, I'm not able to do so, therefore, go by Glam Dreams pick out a gorgeous outfit and you can see all the designs of this talented creator on display.  

Special Thanks:

Sandytpr Lysette, Designer & Owner of Glam Dreams
AbbyJean, Director & Producer 
Jena Adder, Executive Producer
To all the beautiful models

Great Show!!!!!!

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