Saturday, September 20, 2014

Trying To Hold On

Have you ever listened to words of a song in search for it's true meaning.  Or maybe the song brings back memories of years gone by, Or maybe it was the lost of a relationship you held so close and dear to your heart, however now it's gone.
The words to this song brought tears to my eyes.....

.......Feels like I'm losing you, 
My faith is squeak when were far apart
Theres' just one thing that can save
 this restless mind and my heavy heart
Wont you please help me.. 
over land and sea..

Light up these midnight skies.....

Beautiful words by the group The Perishers.  Their words are as warming to the heart as "The Midnight Skies" jewelry set by Glint Jewelry.  You are sure to light up the midnight skies with this brilliant dark deep blue stones.  This four piece set can be worn together or mix and match them with other glamorous jewelry by Glint.

Jewelry: Glint Jewelry - Midnight Skies
Hair:Lovely Butterfly - 26

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