Monday, September 1, 2014



It's always an honor to showcase a designers creation on the runway.  D2T designs and Audace models had a great show Sunday at Audace beautiful Garden Stage.  The show was based on the Katy Petty look, which we all had a great time creating our looks for the show.  I wore "Katy's Dotts" by the talented designer Mandy Bosshart. Katy's Dott is a beautiful shift dress has a lovely sweetheart neckline, fitted at the waist, then layers of silk like fabic in lavendar with dark purple dotts and matching boots.  The look was complete with hair by Emotion Chevia in black, and Lavendar bracelet by Juniper.

Has a lace up closure in the back of the dress for a perfect fit.  Nice dress that can be worn as casual or add the proper accessories for an evening out on the town.  Either way, you will love how Katy's Dotts makes you look and feel.  Go by D2T Designs & Couture you will love shopping there.

Dress: Mandy Bosshart - D2T - Katy's Dotts
Jewelry: Juniper - Bracelet Purple
Hair: EMOtion - Chevia in black

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