Monday, September 1, 2014



     Have you purchased an outfit because you just liked the way it was made, or you liked the colors in the outfit, only to get it home then realize you do not have any accessories to go with your new outfit.  Well, it happened to me just a few weeks ago.  I purchased this fantastic dress that called for a necklace and earring set to finish the look.   So I went browsing through the department stores looking for just the right accessories for my new dress, and discovered this glamours set "Marquise Necklace and Earring Set" by Glint Jewelry, I just had to have this necklace with matching earrings. 
     This beautiful multi colored "Marquise Set" by Glint Jewelry goes great with my outfit.  It's the type of accessory that can go with almost any outfit in your wardrobe.  I paired the set with Kelini Springtime Mesh Dress.  The colors in the Marquise Set has blues, green, yellow, and surrounded in a silver casing.  So get over to Glint Jewelry today and get this great "Marquise Set", then find you a nice bracelet to match this beautiful set.

Jewelry: Rainbow - Marquise Set
Dress: Kelini - Springtime Mesh Dress
Hair: Lovely Butterfly - Butterfly99

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