Saturday, September 20, 2014

Trying To Hold On

Have you ever listened to words of a song in search for it's true meaning.  Or maybe the song brings back memories of years gone by, Or maybe it was the lost of a relationship you held so close and dear to your heart, however now it's gone.
The words to this song brought tears to my eyes.....

.......Feels like I'm losing you, 
My faith is squeak when were far apart
Theres' just one thing that can save
 this restless mind and my heavy heart
Wont you please help me.. 
over land and sea..

Light up these midnight skies.....

Beautiful words by the group The Perishers.  Their words are as warming to the heart as "The Midnight Skies" jewelry set by Glint Jewelry.  You are sure to light up the midnight skies with this brilliant dark deep blue stones.  This four piece set can be worn together or mix and match them with other glamorous jewelry by Glint.

Jewelry: Glint Jewelry - Midnight Skies
Hair:Lovely Butterfly - 26

Thursday, September 11, 2014


On September 13th - 28th, 2014 will be the week of the Jewelry Fair.  Included in the fair will be a host of wonderful jewelry designers showing off their creations.  Rainbow, the owner and designer of Glint Jewelry, will be showcasing five her exclusive designs like this beautiful three piece set "Ballroom Pearls".   Ladies the Ballroom necklace is for the woman with a bold spirit.  This necklace has triple layers of  pearls attaching to an eye catching pendant that just screams look at me.  A three piece set consists of the necklace, earring and matching bracelet.  Oh yes, and did I mention the gems have a changeable color hud.  So you will be able to match whatever evening attire you own, with just this one set.  But don't stop there, I'm sure you will find more wonderful pieces of Glint jewelry at the Jewelry Fair on  September 13th - 28th mark the date on your calendar.  Make sure to stop by the Glint Store get this gorgeous Ballroom Set, and much more.  Have fun at the Fair!!!!


Jewelry: Glint Jewelry - Ballroom Pearls
Gown: SAS - Sapphire's
Hair: Amacci - Isla

Saturday, September 6, 2014


The minute I saw "Christine" by Lybra I had to have this outfit.  I could just picture my aunt Louise in this bold print dress making a wild statement.  She loved bright colors with bold patterns, big bold earrings, and stepping high in boots.  She lost her fight with breast cancer four years ago.  But the one thing I learned from my aunt was not to be a quitter, fight to the very end.  So in memory of her, I'm wearing this beautiful bold print dress "Christine" by Lybra, to help feel close to her today.  My hero, Louise, this is for you, and I'm stepping high in "Stephanie boots" by Lybra also.  Though she has gone and left me behind, I'm feeling good in this great outfit.  Drop into Lybra today, see what you find to make you feel great.

Dress: Lybra - Christina
Boots: Lybra - Stephanie
Jewelry:*MM* - Circle Charm Necklace
             Coro Lu - Studded Gold Circles

Monday, September 1, 2014



     Have you purchased an outfit because you just liked the way it was made, or you liked the colors in the outfit, only to get it home then realize you do not have any accessories to go with your new outfit.  Well, it happened to me just a few weeks ago.  I purchased this fantastic dress that called for a necklace and earring set to finish the look.   So I went browsing through the department stores looking for just the right accessories for my new dress, and discovered this glamours set "Marquise Necklace and Earring Set" by Glint Jewelry, I just had to have this necklace with matching earrings. 
     This beautiful multi colored "Marquise Set" by Glint Jewelry goes great with my outfit.  It's the type of accessory that can go with almost any outfit in your wardrobe.  I paired the set with Kelini Springtime Mesh Dress.  The colors in the Marquise Set has blues, green, yellow, and surrounded in a silver casing.  So get over to Glint Jewelry today and get this great "Marquise Set", then find you a nice bracelet to match this beautiful set.

Jewelry: Rainbow - Marquise Set
Dress: Kelini - Springtime Mesh Dress
Hair: Lovely Butterfly - Butterfly99



It's always an honor to showcase a designers creation on the runway.  D2T designs and Audace models had a great show Sunday at Audace beautiful Garden Stage.  The show was based on the Katy Petty look, which we all had a great time creating our looks for the show.  I wore "Katy's Dotts" by the talented designer Mandy Bosshart. Katy's Dott is a beautiful shift dress has a lovely sweetheart neckline, fitted at the waist, then layers of silk like fabic in lavendar with dark purple dotts and matching boots.  The look was complete with hair by Emotion Chevia in black, and Lavendar bracelet by Juniper.

Has a lace up closure in the back of the dress for a perfect fit.  Nice dress that can be worn as casual or add the proper accessories for an evening out on the town.  Either way, you will love how Katy's Dotts makes you look and feel.  Go by D2T Designs & Couture you will love shopping there.

Dress: Mandy Bosshart - D2T - Katy's Dotts
Jewelry: Juniper - Bracelet Purple
Hair: EMOtion - Chevia in black