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ColdLogic Hough - White

"OMG" is the word that come to mind wearing this classic look by ColdLogic Hough - White.  I need a comfortable business attire for a meeting, and let me just tell you, this was the look for me.  The black cardigan belted around the waist provided a sexy business look and warmth for my body during the cold air conditioned room.  A linden white top and skirt the right outfit I needed for the day.
Java Amber Red
I'm feeling sexy today wearing "Amber Red" beautiful dress. Lace dress with low cut front exposing just a hint of flesh, has my blood racing.  Danity sleeves flair at buttom above the wrist.  Also come with matching clutch purse and Pointdexter slink shoes for high feet.  Another wonderful find of mine at Java.
Go check it out, hint free if you a member, smile.

Java Pointdexter Shoe for slink high feet
Vanity hair Little back bun
Opal Plate Liquid earring
alaskametro 3 creme lipstick fiery

Prelude Gold

Diana Debevec Prelude Gold Dress
Romantic villa, fresh cut flowers, music playing, and I'm ready for my evening out wearing "Prelude Gold" by Diana Debevec.  When I put this dress on I was instantly transformed into a beautiful goddess, draped in layers of fine gold, with matching shoes.  The dress has a long "V" in the back with a cute accented jeweled decorative emblem closing off the "V" and the tail of the dress flows around the legs as my body moves.

Nicolette Hair
Shock Fever Nails
Ava-Tare String Earring

FB General Lady-Navy

Military life is always a challenge for military personal, especially for a woman.  Long hours of drill duty, training exercise, and not to mention tones of paperwork.  It's hard to be in style, however, I discovered this great outfit "General Lady" in Navy, and it comes in five sizes.  What a great discovery for me, now I feel sexy in my uniform, and just as powerful.  I'm a General, and I love it.