Friday, December 19, 2014

The Hepburn Look

Hello everyone, I just had to have this outfit by Java Fashion Designs, called "Hepburn Mid Evening".  The dress makes me look sexy and gives me the feeling of power and control.  It's a slim fitted dress with a floral design at the bottom that angles down from the left side giving dimension  to the dress.

The dress is just the right outfit I needed for a special evening with a friend at his beach house.  But that is another story...back to the dress, lol.  The sleeveless dress has a nice cut neckline with a beaded necklace that is attached to the dress.

I'm loving this wide brim hat which comes with the dress and also sunglasses that reminds me of the famous actress/model Audrey Hepburn.  A classically outfit you will have a great time wearing.  I paired the outfit with slink high heels by D2T Fashions called Freedom.  Freedom comes with a color hud that allows endless possibilities for any outfit.

Drop on by Java Fashion Designs and D2T Fashions to check out their latest outfits.  Many outfits to chose from and I know you going to find the prices to be as lovely as the products they both create.  So until next time have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New year.


Dress: Java Fashion Designs - Hepburn Mid Evening Outfit
Shoes: D2T Fashions - Freedom w/color hud
Hair: Exxess - Laima A
Makeup: !Soul Boho - Truffle
Poses: Possession

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

G-DUBS Closet On Ice

Hello to all of you.  I'm so excited about the G-Dubs Closet On Ice Holiday event.  The time has finally arrived Sunday, December 21st, 2014 at 3pm slt.  Vona and Greg, owners of G-Dubs Closet have been very busy creating some great outfits for the beautiful models to showcase.  It's a pleasure to present just one of the many outfits which will be in the show on Sunday to you.  I'm wearing Danielle Mesh Cocktail Dress in black/silver.

Danielle Mesh Cocktail Dress has a beautiful see through lace with tintable nipple covers you can match the dress or your skin tone.  Fitted waistline with a cute bow in the front, with a flare skirt draping over the hips.  It has a teardrop closure in the back with a criss cross straps at back waistline.

Zuri Rayna will be one of our sponsors for the show that evening.  I just love this necklace set called Czarina, it's black diamond and white pearls goes great with Danielle or it can be worn with a gorgeous low neck gown too.  

Also sponsoring the show will be Bax Coen, who will be providing the beautiful skates for our female models,  L&N Signature Designs, will be providing skates for our handsome males models and L'Amour Productions,who without a doubt has helped to make this show a success with there training for directing and promoting shows.  This show will be April Sue and yours truly graduation show from this class.  Special thanks to all of our sponsors.

I'd like to thank April Sue, Ava Jhamin and of course this could not have been possible with the creative minds of Greg & Vona and our wonderful models for bring this show from an idea to a reality.

This show is going to be an amazing show with our beautiful ladies and gentlemen dressed in G-Dubs Closet's creations.  Please come be a part of this great show on Sunday, December 21, at 3:00 pm slt.


Dress: G-Dubs Closet - Danielle Mesh Cocktail Black/Silver
Jewelry: Zuri Rayna - Czarina
Lazuri - Diona
Hair: Dura - Girl 54
Shoes: ILLI - Bellize Pumps
Poses: Posesion - Madeleine 
Glamorize - Head shot
Location: Vinny's Seaside

Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas at the Winter Holiday Villege

Hello everybody, hope you are all having a fantastic holiday season.  It's been a long year for me so I've decide to take some time for family and me at the Christmas and Winter Holiday Village.  It's a beautiful place to come enjoy the cozy cabins, a ski lodge, and ice skating for the family.

I couldn't wait to wear my new boots Bittersweet *mesh* by D2T.  Omg, they come with a color hud giving you endless options for styling any outfit you want to style.  You can even change the color of the cross on the side of boots, it's just a great buy.

A special friend of mine gifted me with this cute skating skirt by Vitrimi called Skater Skirt.  It is also sold with a hud including four different Aztec skirts.  A nice sexy flow of the material over the hips and a little flare to it.  Just loving the colors in this skirt gives me a number of styling options to put with it like sweaters, or like my jacket Red Label Raging Fire jacket in black by [LG] KCSP14, and of course it goes great with my new Bittersweet Boots.  

I just bought some new jewelry too for my vacation trip from Glint Jewelry & Accessories called Gemmed Snowflake & Bells.  Beautiful snowflake design with small gems surrounding it and little bells attached to a silver necklace, hmm sounds like the song, silver bells, hear them ring.

Well, I'm all unpacked and ready to start my vacation time.  

Mandy Bosshart is designer and owner of D2T she has some amazing new outfits and omg the shoes are gorgeous.  So stop by D2T today for some great shopping for the holiday's.  See you in a couple of days.


Boots: D2T - Bittersweet
Jewelry: Glint Jewelry & Accessories - Gemmed Snowflake & Bells
Jacket:[LG]KC - Red Label Raging Fire
Skirt: Vitrimi - Skater Skirt
Socks: [G/C] - Snowey Socks
Poses: IsoMotion - Haute Stand Normal 2
Exposeur - I Love Being A Girl

Monday, December 8, 2014

My Mesh Body Experience

Hello all, and greetings to you for the Holiday's.  As a model you know how clustered your closet can get when you contantly are buying accessories and other things you need or want.  So in your spare time you try to get organized again.  In organizing my closet I found items I had purchased but never worn.  Of course that describes over half of the Second Life population right.  Well I discovered my Wowmeh Mesh Body that I had never tried.  So having some relaxation time today I decided to take the time to unpacked the box and read the instructions, then proceeded to put on my body.

The first process was to put on the alpha layer for the body along with the clothing hud.  I was surprised to learn as I continued to read the instructions, that the Wowmeh can be own with my own shape and modifiable also.  The Wowmeh 3.1 is made with a fitted mesh technique.  I put the shape on I wanted to use with the Wowmeh, and lucky for me my skin comes with a Wowmeh Skin Applier.  I proceeded to shape my face to my liking, applied my !Soul Boho Truffle Skin to my shape, then dressed myself with [LG] K Collections Jessyca outfit.

The multicolor of the Jessyca outfit can be worn with different color leggings.  It's a great look for the winter months ahead.  Pair with a great pair of boots or your favorite high heels.  Good thing i was just standing outside in front of the vacation cabin to take a picture my feet was getting cold.  Smh at myself.

I finished the look with Heavenly Skies in white by Glint Jewelry & Accessories.  This set also comes in a turquoise color too.  Omg, the white stone and beautifully hand crafted silver wings goes great with this outfit.  Can also be worn with an elegant gown.  

I'm enjoying my Wowmeh body, glad I took the time to start organizing my closet, who knows what I'll discover in there next that i haven't worn yet.  Hope you enjoyed my little experience with the mesh body.  

Body: Baby Ghosn - Wowmeh Version 3.1
Pantsuit: [LG] K Collection Jessyca Sweater Set
Hair:Tukinowaguma - Ali Brown
Jewelry: Glint Jewelry & Accessories - Heavenly skies in White
Shoes: Edenia - Davina Pump
Poses: R.cilli - - Cute pose 1/05
Location: Rose Thorn Isle

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Only Happy When It Rains

I'm a big college football fan.  Especially when it come to certain teams playing each other.  Like the Iron Bowl with Alabama Crimson Tide against the Auburn Tigers.  I have to give proper credit to the Auburn Tigers for their powerful efforts this year against the victorious Alabama Crimson Tide.  It was a game that kept me on my feet off and on between interceptions, and fondles. When Auburn was leading in the first half of the game I was praying it would rain so hard that Auburn wouldn't be able to hold the ball, or it would cover up the tears in my eyes from having talked all kind of trash talk to my the local people who are die hart Auburn fans.  

Regardless of who was going to win the game I was comfortable and looking great in my outfit called "Only Happy When It Rains" the loose fitting jacket was perfect for the weather.  Lightweight jacket with a white tank top and belted stone washed jeans with a cuff turn up just in case it rained, I wouldn't get my pants all wet.  I wore my Otaku Cap to keep the hot sun out my eyes so I would not miss one call the referee made in this game.   I might looked like a little tomboy game day, but I was cute one .  As it turned out Alabama Crimson Tide took home the gold, yay, ROLLLLLL  TIDEEEEEE, WOOT.

Ok, so I got a little excited then.  

***Only Happy When It Rains is available in five sizes.  Take time to go by [LG] K Collection today purchase this cute casual outfit, then shop for some more great deals.


Pantsuit: [LG] K Collection - Only happy When It Rains
Hairbase: Emo-tions - 4 darkbrown
Hat: [KA] - Otaku Cap
Shoes: (((Big O))) O-zone - Streaker
Skin: !Soul Boho - Truffle
Jewelry: Ryca - Global Gold Necklace
Makeup: !Soul - Lipsticks Tattoo Red Nuance 4 Style 2

Hearts Don't Break Even

Anna Sui is a wonderful designer who combines art and attitude to form breath taking creations.  Ms Sui has used an array of patterns, prints, and solids spinning the fashion wheels of success.  Her creative art form then turns it into her art canvas on cloth. She is one known for her ability to take her designs and in the words of Wikipedia, transcend eras with historical and culturally inspired collections.   And was also named one of the top 5 fashion icon's of the decade.  Too present my version of an Anna Sui design I've chosen "Hearts Don't Breakeven" dress by [LG] DE Boutique.  

The front panel has layers of different patterns in blues and dark lavender.  I've loving the high neck collar in solid black.  Topped with a short waisted jacket that can be removed and worn with another item in you wardrobe.   A beautiful floral design gives definition to this short waisted jacket.  This outfit is beautiful enough to help you piece your heart back together.

Hearts Don't Breakeven is available in five sizes.  So make you way to [LG]DE Boutique while qualities last.


Dress: [LG]DE Boutique - Hearts Don't Breakeven
Hair: Emo-tions - Cameron
Shoes: [LG] Boutique - Kilara Boots
Jewelry: Ryca - Huggie Earrings
Necklace: Glint Jewelry - Heavenly Skies in white
Skin: !Soul Skin - Boho Truffle
Eyelashes: Crissy Designs - Irresistible Look 
Eyes: Ikon - Sunrise - Pale Hazel
Makeup: Madrid Solo - Soft Sacrifices - Silver
!Soul - Lipstick Tattoo - Red Nuance 4 Style 2
Poses: Meshudio .v2

Friday, November 21, 2014

He Saw Star's

There she stood near the entrance of the ballroom.  Looking ever so delicate in her "Ava Jhamin gown". She stood there searching the crowd with her beautiful hazel eyes.  Just couldn't take his eyes off her, he cried.  Everything about her was wonderfully put together making her even more seductive.  

Someone called out her name, but the room was so crowded with voices chattering, he couldn't hear the name....

He continued to stare at her as she turned gracefully to greet the person calling to her.  How lucky they must be to know her, to spend time with her, to touch her......

Omg, he thought, as he was being helped from the floor, did I touch her......
All he saw now, was star's....and the lady was gone.


Gown: G-Dubs Closet -Ava jhamin
Shoes: Sky - Tangled Sandals
Hair: Truth - Felicity
Jewelry: GeWunjo - Ronni
Makeup: Madrid Solo - Melancholy Plum

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Shhh, Come Here!!!!

Come over here, I have something to show you!!!!

                          Shhhh, you can't talk to loud now......

But would you like a snick peek at what is in the G-Dubs Closet Hunt?

Omg, This cute hooded jacket called "Betthany Hooded Jacket", and 

guest what?  The matching "Betthany leggings are going to be in the hunt too.

Now I can't tell you everything that is going to be in the Hunt,

But I suggest you be in line on November 18th when the doors open.

There are prizes to be given away to the first three females and males to 

finish the hunt!!!!

Shhhh, so hurry to G-Dubs Closet for the Hunt.

Oh yeah, Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hunting.


Jacket: G-Dubs Closet - Betthany Hooded Jacket
Leggings: G-Dubs Closet - Betthany Leggings
Purse: G-Dubs Closet - Women's Leather Handbag
Boots: HollyHood - Holly Champagne Working Boots
Jewelry: Ryca - Mabe Long Gold Necklace

Monday, November 10, 2014

When You Just Need That Extra Something

I love finding accessories for my jewelry box.  As a model you can never have enough, we always need that extra something to go with an outfit.  I love the look and feel of "Heavenly Skies Set" by Glint Jewelry and Accessories.   

The detailed wings attached to the oval gem setting is gorgeous in silver.  The wings is the host to a beautiful turquoise stones,  This is a three piece set of matching bracelet, earrings and necklace.  A lovely addition to my jewelry box, and it can be in yours too,  Stop by Glint Jewelry today and tell Rainbow the designer I sent you.


Jewelry: Glint Jewelry and Accessories - Heavenly Skies
Hair: Amacci - Iris

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Getting Ready For the Thanksgiving Season

     The Thanksgiving Season is where we take time to be with family and close friend's.  Giving thanks for everything around us..   I personally have so much to be thankful for this year from battles with family issues to ups and downs in the business.   I'm thankful for my Second life family and friends who have been there to cheer me on even when I felt like giving up.  

     I'm feeling wonderful today in my new mini dress, which was named after me, "Paris Halter Mini" by G-DUBS Closet.  "Paris Halter Mini" has a lovely V-neck opened halter top attached to a solid black front panel with multi - colors to chose from such as Blue, Red, Purple and Tan print wraps the body from the side to the back.  And the back of this dress is awesome.

     The halter straps are wide in the front to give added support and then tapers in the back to attach in the middle with straps from the bodice and skirt of the dress forming  an elegant loop in center back.  This dress is just one of the many new releases from G-DUBS Closet.

Also, G-DUBS Closet will be hosting hunt starting November 16 - 30, 2014.  Prizes will be given away to three female and male to complete the hunt.  To make sure you go by G-DUBS Closet check out the "Paris Halter Mini" along with more beautiful designs and test your skills at the hunt for even more wonderful gifts.  


Dress: G-DUBS Closet - Paris Halter Mini
Hair: Emo-tions - Tyra2
Shoes: LRD - Toxic High Heels
Poses: IsoMotion
Location: Bar Moderna 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I Ain't Never....

I ain't never....ha ha, you thought I was about to sing an oldie but goodies song by the soulful singer Aretha Franklin, "I Ain't Never Loved A Man".  Wow, I do love the song.  However, I ain't never looked so good as I do in this beautiful dress called "Dorothea Double Slit" by G-DUBS Closet.  This beautiful dress has slits on both sides showing off my long shapely legs.  Long sleeves with black fur trim.  It has a scoop neckline on the top.

Dorothea is a two piece dress and a great addition to my wardrobe.   The skirt has a long flowing front panel and side slits.  High waistline skirt and top in black and yellow patterned fabric.   Gives me added extra styling idea's for this two piece dress.  It can be mixed and matched with other outfits in your wardrobe.

I chose the Winternights hairstyle by Emo-tions, Classic Pearls Set by Lazuri and Ginger shoes by Lindy's to complete my look for the evening.


Dress: G-DUBS Closet - Dorothea Double Slit Dress Black & Yellow
Hair: Emo-tions - Winternights
Jewelry: Lazuri - Classic Pearls Set
Shoes: Lindy - Ginger

Thursday, October 30, 2014

You Never Showed....

You didn't have to lie..
    You could have said Goodbye.

I dressed in my finest...
    I wore "Gold On The Night Jeweled Dress".

You sent me a message to meet you...
     You never showed.

I took one last look...
   I waited for you to appear....

But you never showed...
    Now all I have to say is...
I cried my last tear over you today.

No more tears...
   You never Showed.


Complete Outfit: G-DUBS Closet - Gold On The Night Jeweled Dress
Hair: Tuknowaguma - Preem 
Shoes: LRD - High Heel Lily w/HUD

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Another Day In the New Neighborhood

Living on a role play community can be so much fun acting out events, taking on the role of a professional career, family activities, or the role of a child growing up and starting their own life.  There is always the unfortunate times when you fall in love with a neighborhood that for whatever reason's the end.  However, the fun part is finding a new neighborhood.

Lexington, Bellfaire is the new neighborhood I've chosen to live.  The excitement of the new neighborhood had me getting up early the next morning ready to explore all my neighborhood has to offer.  After getting dressed in my "Estelle Pleasant Blouse & Gypsy Skirt" by G-DUBS Closet.

I love how the Estella top shows off my shoulders, and the Gypsy skirt is a wrap around skirt with tie closure on the side very sexy and comfortable,

Even my dog loves the new neighborhood, but he's a little lazy wants to ride in the truck instead of walk.  Have you ever heard of such a lazy dog, ha ha.  

Well, Mad dog and I are walking to check out the new neighborhood, meet some new friends, go window shopping.


Blouse: G-DUBS Closet - Estelle Pleasant Blouse
Skirt: G-DUBS Closet - Gypsy
Hair: Truth - Felicity
Shoes: Edenia - Davina
Jewelry: Glint Jewelry & Accessories - Starry Onyx Set

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

An Amazing Walk Through Time Featuring Glam Dreams Designs

The Model's Workshop Fashion-5 was a huge success this past Sunday evening.  showcasing designs from Glam Dreams by Sandytpr Lysette.  Glam Dreams is the third show of five in the Fashion-5 series of shows at Model's Workshop, where they spotlight a different designer or brand each month for five months, with five beautiful and energetic models.

The Director and Producer of the Model's Workshop Fashion-5 presenting the Glam Dreams show was AbbyJean Resident and the Executive Producer of the show was Jena Adder. AbbyJean wore the green "Falling Into You" and Jena Adder showed off the black version of the gown "Falling Into You".

AbbyJean, Director and Producer

Jena Adder, Executive Producer

  A little bit of history on the talented designer and owner of Glam Dreams creations, Sandytpr Lysette.  Sandytpr Lysette started her walk of frame into the world of Second Life in 2009. She enjoyed an extremely successful modeling career in the Second Life Fashion Industry, eventually retired from modeling and began working in retail fashion.  The owner of the store where Sandy was the General Manager quickly recognized her designing and styling passion and prompted her to start her own store. Glam Dreams was born on March 3, 2013.  Glam Dreams sells a variety of  amazing design styles from cocktail appeal, gorgeous gowns, to beautiful pant suits.

Sandytpr took us on a wonderful journey into time with her amazing designs at Sundays fashion show.  From the era of the 70BC to the future fashion designs.  Showcasing these awesome creations were model with various degrees of experience showing off their creative talent of styling.  Performing before an audience with standing room only.  The house was packed with people to see this fabulous show designs of Glam Dreams.

We began this journey through time with various fashion era's of days gone by to the future of fashion today and those that are yet to come.  The first model to dazzle us on the runway wearing, " Cleopatra", was Suki Rexen Barrowstone, owner of Dallas Modeling Company and Dallas Modeling and CEO of Model's Workshop.

Cleopatra was queen of ancient Egypt, and one of the most famous female rulers in history. Suki  displayed "Cleopatra" with as much elegance as a queen in this long flowing off the shoulder gown with a long sash attached that hung softly in the back.

I've always loved the stylish flare of the roaring twenties.  Jaily graced us on the runway wearing "Gatsby Yeriak Black and White lace Gown". This gorgeous black and white gown was one of my favorites in the show.  Pretty lace details in the gown takes you back into the roaring twenties.  Can just imagine yourself on the dance floor or leaning against a grand piano belting out a song.

Ohh la la, can't forget the era of the forties, with sexy pin up A-line dresses, peep-toe shoes, sleek victory roll and pin curl hairstyles was the rage of the era.   Jazmine is wearing the cute and sexy dress "Gatsby Yeriak" dress complete with hat and gloves.

Arianna dazzled the audiences with this breathing taking beautiful red gown with spiderweb designs.  "Intrigue" lives up to it's name.  It's sweetheart neckline and matching gloves commanded attention.

Petra looked amazing in "Shantal Red".  This long beautiful off the shoulder gown dazzled in the light with multicolored layers of ruffles flowing and the sexy split on the side of the gown really makes it more darling.

Jaily was ready for the future fashions in Glam Dreams "Hunger Games Iana". A cute strapless mini dress with black gloves and winged shoulder straps.  The ribbed cage gave an interesting touch to the outfit and matching black attachment for the hair.

Petra shows off "D&G Polka Dot Coat" belted at the waist with front pockets lined with gold buttons.  A chic coat with long sleeves will look great for the season.

Suki was wearing the "D&G Flowered Coat" is just like the previous coat.  The flowered print on the coat has beautiful colors lets you add some leggings or boots to keep you warm for those cold days.

The audience was entertained with a routine choreographed by Babypeavonphoenix Bikergrr. The lovely models of joined Babypeavonphoenix dancing.  They wore the short and sassy outfit named Andanza. The gloves and the hat with veil are included with this shimmering sequined mini dress.  The shoes are a custom made for the routine by creator Lexa Zifer of Pizzazz Modern 

I wish I could have shared all the beautiful designs with you from the fashion show Sunday, However, I'm not able to do so, therefore, go by Glam Dreams pick out a gorgeous outfit and you can see all the designs of this talented creator on display.  

Special Thanks:

Sandytpr Lysette, Designer & Owner of Glam Dreams
AbbyJean, Director & Producer 
Jena Adder, Executive Producer
To all the beautiful models

Great Show!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Beauty Women Come In All Sizes

Hello again to all my followers and friends.  I meet a man a few weeks ago and we had an interesting conversation.  One that is similar to what is discussed in the real world when it comes to fashion.  Often times we showcase the thin beautiful models but rarely do we see designers showcase for the beautiful plus size women.   Thunder's Boutique caters to not only the regular size models we are use to seeing, but he has a new line of outfits for our lovely ladies who prefer the plus sizes.   It gives me great pleasure to introduce his model, Mrs. Venom, wearing "Jackie Red".

FastEddie69 is the designer and owner of ThunderStorm Boutique.  "Jackie Red" is a cute little one piece outfit with long sleeves back of the neck closure, backless to show off a curvy figure in good taste.  This mini dress is only one of the many outfits he has in his boutique.  Take a moment to stop by ThunderStorm Boutique and find you something cute to wear.  Thank you Mrs. Venom for allowing me to photograph you wearing "Jackie Red".


Dress: ThunderStorm Boutique - Jackie Red
Hair: Colleen - black ponytail
Jewelry: Bonia - Lip Ring
Necklace Set: Vooh Una Yello
Shoes: Dirty Princess - Naughty Courture Princess Heels

LorDiva Has Opened A New Store

Shopping is one of my favorite past times.  Whether I'm looking for a new outfit, shoes, or accessories, I just love to shop.  LorDiva, is just one of the many places I enjoy finding great outfits to wear and blog.   Simone Udimo, is the owner and designer of LorDiva.  Simone has opened in a new location with plenty of items to chose from when you shop.   Simone has everything from hairstyles to shoes.  I couldn't leave the new store this morning without picking out something chic to wear and blog.

I chose "Java Tough Girl Outfit Soft White" great outfit for the fall.  The leather jacket to keep me warm, nice long tee shirt fits over the hips, and straight leg blue jeans which can be worn with boots or like i have chosen with wedge heel sandals.

The jeans are a stone washed blue denim with front and back pockets.  I added a turquoise bracelet, ring, and long pendant necklace to complete the look.  Drop by the new store and show Simone some love.   Hugsssss until next time.


Outfit: LorDiva - Java Tough Girl Outfit Soft White
Hair: Java - Demi Hair Mixed
Jewelry: Glint Jewelry & Accessories - Turquoise Starry bracelet & Ring
Lazuri - Kaya Long Pendant Necklace w/hud
Shoes: !Bf - Gaiety Sandals

Monday, October 20, 2014

Sexy For The Fall

G-DUBS Closet Fierce Leather & Snakeskin Skirt Set makes me feel sexy for the fall months ahead.  A lightweight jacket for days when there is a chill in the air, tee shirt and short mini skirt that I plan to add some tights and boots later to wear in the winter.

The jacket has an embodied patterns on the sleeve and top of the back of jacket below the collar.  I paired the outfit with Zaniya Buckle Up Heel Booties.


Dress: G-DUBS Closet - Fierce Leather & Snakeskin Skirt Set
Shoes: Zaniya - Buckle Up Heel Booties
Hair: Discord Designs - Bobbi

Starry Skies For A Romance Night

A romance night with a sky full of stars and a full moon to light the path for a special evening.  I'm wearing a gown by Vero Modero called "Casini".   It went great with my new jewelry by Glint Jewelry & Accessories "Starry Onyx".  Another great creation by Rainbow the designer.  "Starry Onyx".  I was given the pleasure to grace the runway Sunday at,  the Glint Jewelry Fashion Show, wearing this beautiful set.

Delicately handcrafted circular designs showing great details with a beautiful onyx stone.  The set comes complete with necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring for the right hand.  It's a gorgeous jewelry set that can be worn with casual or an elegant gown.  Stop by Glint Jewelry & Accessories today and see all the new jewelry pieces.


Jewelry: Glint Jewelry & Accessories - Starry Onyx Set
Gown: Vero Modero - Casini
Hair: eXxEss - Leza


There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens:

         Ecclesiastes 3:1

Watching the new fall season come in with all it's wonderful array of colors.  Leaves changing colors on the trees, are all signs of the season changing.

This dress by MochaWear "La Bella Fleur - Autumn Leaves gives me a happy feeling.  It has pastel colored leaves printed on the dress, which is a short mini with flare skirt in a layered design.   Cute little bows at the top of the bodice and at the waistline for a flirty look.  The back of the dress is laced up the back in red.  Check this little outfit out at MochaWear, available in five sizes.


Dress: MochaWear - La Belle Fluer  Autumn Leaves
Boots: Fiercce Designs - Sexy High Boots
Hair: eXxEsS - Leza
Skin: !Soul - Bobo - Truffle

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

This Not Elm Street

Not here, it's more serious.
Dark skies
lonely street
looks like, but 
this not Elm Steet.

 She looks lost
but she looking good
in her
La Belle Fleur Pumpkin King 
by MochaWear.

She turns around,
running away
Come back!!!!
I call out to her.
I want to know where you bought that cute little dress.

Just a little story I through in for flavor, ha, ha, ha,
soon Halloween will be here, and I'm going to be ready in my 
La Belle Fleur Pumpkin King outfit by MochaWear. 
This cute dress I styled with black tights, with combat boots, 
a silver chain with a skull pendant, and of course my facial makeover mask
a unisex dark pumkin face.

La Belle Fleur Pumpkin King comes in five sizes.  Hurry to get yours now
Halloween in almost here.

Dress: MochaWear - La Bella Fleur Pumpkin king
Jewelry: k&k - silver chain with a skull
Mask:Pixie - dust unisex Dark Pumpkin face
Tights: Cannibelle - Plain Nylon Tights
boots:Brii Undergroud -  Casual Combat Boots for girls